Telecommunication Industry: Booming the Employment Opportunities

The world is always looking for new opportunities and with the advancement in technology and the new cutting edge areas developing, there is always room for more employment opportunities.


Even twenty years ago, when Internet was just making the debut into the houses of the common man, the job of a Social Media Manager was hardly heard of. Today, it is a career that people build over long periods, and there are many layers to it. Similarly there are many chances that keep knocking on t our doors, as we move from one decade to another.

Increase in Employment in telecom Industry

The new boom in the area of employment has already started to make noise, which is the Telecommmunications. The Telecommunication industry has stayed with us for some time.

Internet is part of this industry. So is any kind of equipment where the information is passed through cables or wires. Telegraph, Telephone, broadcasting through any channel come under the umbrella of Telecommunication.

What is Telecommunication?

The area of technology that deals with communication over a distance through a medium, which can be cables, broadcasting telephones. It includes the transmission of signals, words, messages which can be sounds or images, or intelligence of any kind through wire, radio, optical or electromagnetic medium.

A drastic change in the world of telecommunication came in the 20th century with the advent of radio. The other inventions like television and telephone further changed the face of communication and how we contact each other.

Why Telecommunication Industry?

One will quickly notice that telecommunications has been with us for almost a century now, and so you might ask why suddenly it is of great importance. Well you need to understand that the past decade we have seen a revolution of a kind when it comes of telecommunications.

With 4G technology bringing us closer to spending more on the Internet, and the introduction of digital wallets, and adding onto that the popularity of smart phones - we have entered a new world

And thus the telecommunication industry is booming, thus creating more and more jobs.

According to a study, by 2018, there will be 30 Lakh job opportunities available. These opportunities are a result of extent of use of technology in our day to day life.

The Future of Telecommunications

Furthermore, the future of the telecommunication industry looks promising. With technology like 5G, transformation of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and M2M, we can see that the employment opportunities will only increase.

According to a joint study by Assocham and KPMG shows that by 2021 there will be almost 8,70,000 people who will be employed in the area of telecommunications.

And though there might be many working in the telecommunication industry, it is noted that the current manpower is not enough for the ever booming industry.

There will be many opportunities coming up for the youth, and it would require the right skills and abilities to be successful in the area.

If you are interested in the area of telecommunications, then this is the time for you to make your passion into a career. You will be trodding on a path that has a lot of potential. What the industry is looking for is more specialized skill set. There are many opportunities in the industry like :

  • Web developers
  • Application developers
  • Infrastructure Technicians
  • Handset Technicians
  • Infra and Cyber Security Professionals

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How to Start a Career in Telecommunication?

Well are you pumped up? Can you see a glimmering career in your dreams now? Well then you must definitely get to know how to turn this dream into a reality. One step that you can take up is by becoming a telecommunication engineer

A telecommunication engineer, is a professional who expertises in electrical and electronics, and specializes in a certain technology in the vast area of telecommunications. There are many, like broadcasting, telephone etc.


To start off, you need a 12 pass certificate from a recognized board in the science stream. Following which you can take up a B.Tech or B.E in Electronics or Electrical Engineering. You can even go for a Masters programe after your undergraduate.


You will have to start you career as an apprentice and work under the supervision of a mentor. You will need to develop analytical skills, and be creative.

You will have to develop problem solving skills and focus on your mathematics as it will be of great use in your career. Good communication skills and interpersonal skills will also add on to to help you go up on the ladder of employment.

The industry has grown at a 19.6 per cent compound annual growth rate (CASGR) in terms of the users and 7.07 per cent in terms of the revenue that is generated. There is a bright future for those of you who aim to raise your career in the world of telecommunications, and if you think you can, you should start as early as possible!

Colleges Offering Courses in Telecommunication-

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