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Should colleges track off-campus cyberbullying?

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Should colleges track off-campus cyberbullying?

Bullying in any form is unacceptable. Why should anybody bother somebody who is minding their own business? Bullying is thoroughly the least sensible thing a person can do. Bullies use various ways to target the ones they want to trouble. The types of bullies include verbal, physical, media and the web bullies.

The current trend in the world is that, it is cyber-based. Children are growing along with the new gadgets which the technology has to offer. Social networking, using the Internet etc is a part and parcel of their days of childhood. One has to consider the dangers that lurk around while dealing with something as massive as the Internet.

Cyber or the Internet is the most common and easiest way for a bully to pop up just to trouble. The bullies are smart enough to create fake profiles and start bullying their targets. It could range from comment bad things on the target's personal profile on any social networking media, to spreading wrong details about the one under attack, all over the Internet. This is a very serious offense.

When the bullying happens in the college campus, the one under attack can always go and approach the authorities. However, if the bullying occurs outside the college campus, for instance, the cyberbullying, then it becomes difficult to blame anyone.

The question under consideration would be, whether the colleges must take up responsibility to track these off-campus cyberbullying or not?

The general norms say that the colleges aren't responsible for anything that happens to students outside the college campus. We cannot blame or be too dependent on the college authorities for everything. Hence, this condition is agreeable. However, when it comes to such cases where a student is utterly bothering the other student of the college, then the need arises for the colleges to come for an aid.

This can be done in the following ways:

* Complaints regarding cyberbullying must be accepted by the college. After all these students belong to the college, where else would they go for help?
* There must be a committee to consider these complaints and take necessary actions against this.
* The colleges must not stalk students unnecessarily. There is no need to intertwine in every student's private life. Remember to address the issues only when they are raised. This way there will be no unwanted interference in both college's and student's regular deeds.
* Investigate in a smart manner. Colleges are known to teach technology. Make use of the available knowledge the students can come up with. Identify the URL, from which the bullying is coming from using the technology to track them down.
* Make strict rules at the start of the term. Remind the students that bullying in any form at your college will be tracked down and punished.
* Take necessary action against the bully when he/she is caught.

Colleges must realise that as long as the student is enrolled at the college, the student belongs to the institution. Hence, it is their duty to stand by their side especially when a student is approaching them, hopeful to receive help.

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