How to get Online Media Education: What should you know about it?

By Anusha K
How to get Online Media Education?

What is media education?


To start things out, one would want to know what media education is all about. Media education is where an individual acquires media literacy. Critical understanding of the techniques, nature and impacts of media productions and messages can be learned out of media education. The media literacy thrives on affirmative, innovative and enjoyable dimensions of well-known culture. Critical thinking and production of media texts are incorporated. Decoding, synthesising, analysing and assessing media aids us in exploring the complex media landscape. This landscape has both digital and conventional media along with the well-known culture texts like fads, toys, fashion, theme parks, shopping malls, etc.

Many questions such as, which category of people benefit by media productions and why? The story being told appeals to whose perspective? How is what we hear, see or read, affected by the unique codes and elements belonging to a particular genre? What is the interpretation of different audience regarding the same production of media?

Who is eligible for online media education?

  • Applicant must have completed high school to apply for most online media education programmes.
  • Some online media education providers require the applicant to have a bachelor's degree.
  • Few online media educators consider training children to educate them about the media literacy.
  • The eligibility criteria varies from one online media education provider to another, based on the course chosen, place and training period.

Who can benefit from online media education?

Students, children, educators, businessmen, entrepreneurs, parents and anyone who wishes to understand the working principles of media literacy.

What are the benefits of online media education?

  • Since the world is media-driven, educating oneself about the same is a wise thing to do.
  • Reading and writing alone will not help us if we are to deal with digital media. For which, media education is required.
  • Improves critical analysis when questions like what is the message sent across a particular media item is considered.
  • Enhances creativity. How best can one pass on the idea in an effortless manner can be learned through this.
  • Helps one to develop in depth knowledge about advertising, marketing, etc.

How does one acquire online media education?

There are numerous websites which offer media education online. Market Motive, MediaBistro, Online Marketing Institute etc provide online training on media literacy.

Finding the best way to educate people about how to interpret a particular message over media is one of the challenges the media educators face. Apart from this, they also have to make sure that the concept is understood by the media learners in a proper manner without glitches and misunderstandings and misconceptions making their way.

Media educators concentrate on the key concepts like:

Ideological messages:

These are messages that appeal to the mass. They are optimistic messages meant to create awareness.

Media as constructions:

Which deals with the influences the media has had in the past, has in the present and will have in the future. What are the important contributions of media to the world and so on are dealt here.

Interpretations of the audience:

The ways in which an idea can be interpreted is considered here.

Media production as a business:

Media or digital world is trending these days, hence for the ones who have the right knowledge about it, it could prove to be a source on income. Advertising and marketing will be given importance here.

Therefore, a sound knowledge of media via, online media education can prove to be profitable. A better understanding about media products, interpretations, messages, etc can be the add-ons. Media education is also considered vital for children as it will help them understand digital world better, and in the long run will aid them in making better choices.

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