How to cope with the cultural difference while studying abroad?

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How to cope with the cultural difference?

Going abroad to study comes with hopes, ambitions, determinations, dreams and of course a fear. Although, some might claim that there is nothing to fear about, there are certain things we are unaware of. These "unknown" things could cause the fear.

Face the fact! We do not know the culture, in some cases language, life style, eating habits etc., for real. The reason being the fact that we were not brought up in that culture. So what must one do to overcome this cultural differences? You could begin with knowing the ways to overcome the same. Here is how to start...

Before you sit in the airplane and look into the clouds, research. Know thoroughly about all that you should, about the place you are going to land on. Know the climate, the local language, currency, gestures, hang out places, communities etc.

Make friends:
Most important thing, is to make friends. Go ahead and make new friends who will be there to support you, learn the differences from them. Be sure not to get desperate while making friends, also make sure that you do not befriend a wrong person.

Keep nervousness aside:
Just know the fact that there are thousands of students just like you away from home, out there to study. There is no need to be nervous. Be calm and interact with your peers and professors.

Be known in a good manner:
Another thing that can save you from feeling like you are an alien in the university, is being known. Mind you! Being known for a right reason. Say, for instance, you are known as a math genius, or a very good painter. When people know you for the right reason they will give you inputs on various things which will help you tackle the cultural problems.

Stay in touch with your family:
Call home on regular basis, update yourself about what is happening in your country. Speak to your friends from your country etc. This will help you stay balanced, and in bad times you can always remember that there are people just for you miles away.

No matter where you are, it is important to learn and respect the place and culture of the place that is providing you with an opportunity to lead a better life. Learning and adjusting are the keys. This is what we had to say, please share your views here:

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