How different is learning from education?

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To begin with, learning and education are two different things. Although, at some point in time they appear same, they are still different. Learning is an ongoing process that comes naturally to any person.

Babies learn things as they grow. Learning is a process where one acquires knowledge and it is self initiated. Whereas, education is how to apply the things you have learnt to befit yourself. You may say education too is self initiated, but that initiative has occurred as a result of learning something. When you have learnt something and want to explore more about it, it becomes education.

For instance, children learn the numbers and alphabets even before they are formally educated at schools. They know how to recognise the digits and letters before they are sent to schools or taught seriously about it; they are learning. Later, they are sent to schools or taught about the usage of numbers and alphabets in detail; they are being educated.

How different is learning from education?

Education cannot evolve without learning. Learning is the root. We learn thousands of things on a day to day basis. We do not educate ourselves with everything. Education is the next step in learning. It follows learning and gives an in-depth knowledge about things.

People can be educated at institutions etc, but people cannot become "learned- persons" without learning things! This means that whatever we "learn" at schools or colleges as "education" is nothing but a set of things which the others have learnt and are passing on the information to the rest.

As an example to see how different learning and education are, let us consider a person who knows to paint. The person learns different techniques in painting by different means (watching, hearing someone say about it, reading etc) that can be called as learning. Once he has got the basic idea, he begins to explore. He learns more techniques, may even get a degree for the same. This gaining of in-depth knowledge is education.

Learning and education is interdependent. Once you have learnt something well, you become educated. Each would loose its value if the other is missing. Hence, there should be a balance between the two. If you learn something and are not educated enough about it, you tend to have half knowledge on the subject. The same way, you learn nothing and force yourself to educate yourself, you will have no knowledge at all. When we learn new things, we must go ahead and educate ourselves to an acceptable limit. By doing this we become "Knowledgeable" people.

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