Education system in India. Areas to re-work. Re-defining its purposes

When we look into the future mold of 'learning system', what is it that really inspires us to progress ahead? May be our current view and purpose of education is to just attain better grades, mug up the lessons, produce expected temporarily gratifying results, get good jobs, earn well, and get settled for life?

Out of sheer belief, it would be unfair to say that theoretical knowledge holds no good for modern day learners. Different people pursue after knowledge in different unique ways. All respect to different approaches. Howbeit, with the help of a basic education system, one earns the scope of learning how to think, how to communicate with people, how to live an appropriate life, making correct decisions, improving lifestyles and so on.


According to the syllabus defined by the state and central government, there could be a wall between the notes of theoretical concepts explained in the books, and strings of reality as per the actual application of that knowledge. Even so, paramount focus has to be worked on 'the value and purpose of learning', and not just on teaching and syllabus. The system needs to be upgraded from talk and chalk to smart education.

Education system in India. Areas to re-work.

Some areas that require chiseling in the current educational system in India could be as follows:

Quality staff members and teachers:

The purpose of education is to primarily help a learner become a better human being, by ultimately transitioning him/her to live a better, sensibly beneficial lifestyle. Spoon feeding techniques or methods must be reduced. Essentially, more qualified staff and faculty members need to be recruited in every educational set ups.

Learner's perspective, than merely books' perspective:

Beneficially, if the system moves from the books' perspective to the learners' perspective, it gives way to a larger creative learning platform, and increases a student's thirst to learn more. Basically, education has to be tailor-made to match learner's convenience and ability.

Education shouldn't be sector-driven, but ability-driven:

Focusing heavily on engineering, medicine, law or management, may not be healthy. Fair importance must be given to all sectors of the economy. One may call this as an imbalanced reality of employment. Nevertheless, encouraging students to learn what they are naturally talented would be the key.

Revise the purpose of exams:

Exams or tests must be able to show the students where they lack behind. It can't be just about the scores or about testing the student's problem solving abilities. Exams must be designed to improve the self worth of a student and not to threaten them or to put them in a dark spot. Also, tests must have objectives to teach students how to apply knowledge in practical situations.

The act of discipline and extra-curricular activities:

The act of discipline need to be applied in certain areas to fine-tune the learner's ability to grow psychologically, emotionally, and intellectually. Nothing must be forced on a student, with the educational tag. Students must be given freedom to pick their own extra curricular activities like dancing, singing, sports, music etc.

Education has to be enjoyed, and not cursed or practiced with hatred. It shouldn't be showcased as a burden to the students. The ultimate purpose of learning something, must be for implementation. The Indian educational system must mount up on quality, than counting on the quantity of educational institutions or students.

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