What Is Culinary Arts? Scope And Career Opportunities

It is indeed true that the road to a human's heart is through their stomach. Irrespective of how the other industries are faring or what the economic situation of the country is, people will not stop eating. In fact, the very reason why most people go to earn their living is to bring food to the table for themselves and their family. In such a situation, it is obvious that people are willing to spend a huge sum of money to have quality food being garnished well and served to them on a platter. Indeed the taste of the food, the aroma, the ambience and the overall display of food all have a role to play in this.


This obsession of mankind with food has led to a wide array of career opportunities to be made available. All of these careers fall under the umbrella of culinary arts. It is fair on our part to say that this is as much an art as it is a science.

Culinary Arts Scope And Career

This article explores 5 promising career opportunities that are available in this field and talks to us about how we can make a successful career out of those in India.

  • Personal Chef

This is a preferred career choice for students of culinary arts who like to cook in a private setting. Understand that unlike most other professions discussed in this list, in this particular career path, you will have to deal with only small quantities of food and there is generally no mass cooking involved.

Only affluent people will be in a position to hire personal chefs and since you will be working with such families you will get a chance to experiment with some of the most sought-after ingredients. With time, you will get to know about the tastes of each of the family members and you can then tailor your cooking to suit their needs.

In this particular career path, your reputation is the most important fact and word of mouth is what will take you places.

  • Pastry Chef

This is one of the most challenging specialisations for a chef. Not only should the pastry that has been prepared taste good but the same must look appealing to the eyes. It is only then that the customer will be satisfied. Thus, in order to succeed as a pastry chef one needs to have the perfect balance of precision and creativity.

There is no fixed salary for pastry chefs and the amount of money that you make will depend on the restaurant or confectionery that you work for.

  • Nutritionists

This is one of the most in-demand career paths in the world of culinary arts. This is because people these days are becoming all the way more conscious about their health and want to remain in shape. For this, they want to know how much of which item should they consume and then design their meals to meet the same.

That is where the role of nutritionists comes into the picture. These people help in the planning of food preparation by taking an individual's personal medical history, chronic condition, body weight and other factors into consideration. These days most sportspersons, industrialists and celebrities prefer having their own nutritionists.

Restaurant chains and health food counters also employ such people to provide the business with expert advice about the course of actions they should take. Thus, there are ample job opportunities for nutritionists in the world of culinary arts. The average starting salary for a fresher is about INR 20,000 per month and with experience and popularity, the monetary compensation increases.

  • Restaurant Manager

This is the ideal career choice for people who prefer the business science of culinary arts. For this, most people choose a degree in culinary arts and then start out as interns in a restaurant. With time they advance to managerial roles. Another possible way of becoming a restaurant manager is by getting your MBA in any discipline and then joining a restaurant directly as a manager.

The average starting salary here is INR 25,000 for a fresher who has absolutely no experience. In order to shine well in this profession, you must have a genuine passion towards customer service and must be able to maintain a calm head in the most challenging times. Only when you are able to achieve that will you be able to provide your customers with a world-class dining experience in your restaurant.

  • Head Caterer

These are the people who work in organising the meals for corporate and political events and also for personal events (such as that of birthdays, weddings and anniversaries). The excitement here lies in the fact that these people get to work in different settings all the time and as a result, their work does not get monotonous.

These people are responsible for meal planning, supervising the overall organising and preparation of the food, getting the dining set-up ready and ensuring that everything is executed as per the plans. In the Indian context, these people are often seen to work in collaboration with event managers.

These people are paid according to the assignment that they undertake and the monetary value of the same will depend on their experience and popularity as well as on the magnitude of the event that is organised and the city or town it is organised in.

Thus, with these five newer career opportunities in culinary arts, you will realise that there is indeed a host of options that one can choose from if they want a career here. In such a situation, it will be wise on your part to consider making a career here.

That is because, going by the current trend, in the coming years, the number of career options (and subsequently the number of employment opportunities under each such option) is only expected to rise.

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