PM Narendra Modi visits Israel: Know More About Career Opportunities in International Relations

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The Prime Minister Narendra Modi's two day venture to the state of Israel has been celebrated in both the countries. Mr. Modi formally met Israel President Reuven Rivlin and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyah this morning. The meetings have been heralded as salient in terms of trade and technology, for both the countries.


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Relations with foreign countries have always played a crucial role in the development for any state. With the rise of globalisation, nations have trade and culture to give and take from each other.

PM Narendra Modi visits Israel

While there are meetings of Prime Ministers and Presidents of various states that goes on with respect to keeping up the foreign affairs, there are also matters of high importance like security, immigrant issues, health care and the safety of the citizens of a country living as residents of another.

These matters are taken up by many lawyers and individuals who are passionate about working towards foreign affairs and relations. This area is called International Relations.

What is International Relations?

  • International Relations(IR) is a field of work that involves the understanding of how various states, nations, and empires deal with each other on an international level of politics.
  • This area of global studies requires one to understand the conflicts that are generated on an international level and the solutions that are required to resolve them.

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Who can take this course?

The IR courses are available to students from all streams with at least 50% in the degree examinations.

Though there are many cases of students moving from science and technology background to International Relations, mostly the field is pursued by students of Humanities- especially Political Science.

Some Masters courses require the applicants to have completed certain undergraduate courses like economics, languages and others that are relevant to the area of International Relations that they are applying to. .

The key skills that are required in the field of International Relations are

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What will you be doing?

International Relations is a vast space that includes many modes of diplomacy and maintenance of relations. There are innumerable opportunities that one can achieve if they decide on what specific area they want to focus.

Representatives of the Government

A major share of people who are involved in International Relations are representatives of their governments. This includes Ministers of Foreign Affairs, employees of various embassies and consulates who are in charge of the diplomatic representation of one country in another and are responsible for the well-being of their citizens.

  • The Ambassadors are the communicators between the home government and the host country and are incharge of promoting welfare, culture, and advancement in technology.
  • The Consuls, on the other hand, are the representation of the public administration in the host country and therefore in-charge of the citizens and their issues in the host country.

International Organizations

  • Organizations (Governmental and Non-governmental) with a presence of international stature come under this category. These organizations have immense scope for those interested in International Relations.
  • Organizations like United Nations, Council of Europe, International Organization for Migration, International Atomic Energy Agency, International Labor Organizations are Intergovernmental Organizations.

International lawyer

The ties between the nations, private parties, various organizations are held together by various laws and regulations. International Lawyers take up the job of advocating cases between these entities. These include :

  • Refugee laws
  • International Humanitarian Law
  • Law of Sea
  • Treaty law
  • International criminal law
  • International human rights law
  • Law of War

Political Analysis

  • The politics of the nations are always under the scan of the public eye. An analyst produces the various perspectives that are required to know whether the politicians, the organizations, and the sovereign states are doing their job accordingly.
  • They can be advisors to the ministers, or run a private organization, and develop theories based on the available data.

Top Universities and Colleges in India with International Relations

Top 5 countries to study International Relations

  • School of International Relations,University of South California, USA
  • School of Diplomacy and International Relations, University of South Orange, USA
  • School of Global Policy and Strategy, University of California, USA
  • Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations, Switzerland
  • Moscow State Institute of International relations, Russia

International relations have a very demanding role as of today with the rising issues of the refugee crisis and human rights.

So if you believe that it is you who will improve and maintain the relations of the countries of the world, now you know what your career can be.

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