Done With Boards; Chose Science. What Next?

By Shatavisha Chakravorty

For most Indian students, choosing a career is a difficult thing altogether. The immense pressure that is put on them by the society only makes matters more difficult for them. They just do not know what to do. Till the time when they appear for their class 10th board exams, things are all happy and smooth.

They only have to study what is told to them and, if they score the requisite marks, their parents are happy with them. Most of the boards do not offer the candidates much of an option with respect to the elective papers that they want to studyat this stage. For the ones which do offer the choice, students do not have to think much before making the pick, simply because that decision will not have a long-term impact on their careers.


However, this entire situation changes the moment the candidate is done with his or her board exams. The initial question that they face is whether to take up science, commerce or the humanities.

With science being considered as the privilege of the creamy layer, this choice is not a very difficult one for candidates who have scored well. It is only after this point that the problem starts to arise. Whether to take up PCMB, PCMC or PCME is a question that haunts quite a number of students.

This article explains the pros and cons of each fieldcourse, which in turn will help you make a conscious decision towards your future. After all, a wrong decision at this point will lead to a lifetime of repentances, something none of us would like to go through.

Courses After 10th Board

Choosing PCMC (Physics - Chemistry - Mathematics - Computer Science)

  • Considering the fact that the global software market is running due to the contribution of Indians, wanting to choose a career in software engineering seems to be a legit choice. In case that is what you are thinking, then this combination is best for you.
  • For people who don't want to become computer science engineers, but want to take up engineering as a profession (you might want to be a civil engineer or a mechanical engineer or even a chemical engineer), this is a good combination of subjects to choose.
  • Having computer science in +2 will teach you a programming language, which will be useful for you five years down the line when you will beare looking for a job.
  • If you want to pursue a career as an architect, the things that you learn here will come to your aid induring yourthe first few months of college. Hence, investing in this course is a worthy idea.

Courses After 10th Board

Choosing PCME (Physics - Chemistry - Mathematics - Electronics)

  • If physics is your first love, this is the combination that you should choose. It should not worry you that biology or computer science is something you know the basics of, but you really don't know the fundamentals of electronics. Know that electronics is nothing but an extension of physics.
  • For people who want to pursue a career in electrical, electronic or automobile engineering, it is a smart choice to pursue this course. What you learn here will lay the foundation of a strong career for you.
  • If you intend to pursue research in the fields of robotics or automation, this is the choice for you. What you learn here will help you to crack the entrance test of a number of universities (we are talking of those at thea national level as well the ones at thea global level) with ease.

Courses After 10th Board

Choosing PCMB (Physics - Chemistry - Mathematics - Biology)

  • Choosing this gives you a lot of options in the future. If you want to be a doctor, this is the best option for you. If you want to be an engineer and are considering avenues in molecular biology, plant neurology or genetic engineering, you should go for this.
  • In case you are someone who does not want to go for the cliché professions of being either a doctor or an engineer, this is the option you must go for. Having this combination in your PUC days will pave the way for a profession in the field of nanotechnology, biotechnology or biochemistry for you. The subject of biology in itthis combination carries with it a whole array of professions.
  • Immediately after their class 10 board exams, many students are confused about which profession they must take. If you are one of them, this is the subject combination that you must choose, for this will allow you to make your decision later.

Remember, it is okay to not know everything at this point. As the time rolls on and before you face the second board exam of your life, you will sort things out. Till then, happy studying.

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