Tips for preparation of UPSC preliminary exam

To become an IAS/IPS officer is the dream for millions of eyes in the country. The first step towards clearing the civil services examination is to clear the UPSC preliminary exam. The preliminary exam of UPSC has two sections, each of 200 marks: General Studies and Aptitude Test.

  • Paper I (General Studies): This paper includes current events, history, geography, economics, social development and general issues
  • Paper II (Aptitude Test): This paper checks the decision-making abilities, interpersonal skills, logical ability and other such skills.

Tips to clear UPSC preliminary examination:

Plan a strategy: UPSC is not only about hard work but smart work. You need to start focusing on the mains syllabus at the early stage but must give time to the preliminary exam syllabus also on a consistent basis.

Read newspapers: Take at least two daily newspapers and read them thoroughly each day. It will not only improve your general knowledge but also your comprehension skills.

Read the NCERT books: For the general studies section, stick to the NCERT books. Read them thoroughly, remember the facts and be clear in your opinions.

Be sure about what you know: As there is negative marking, you must answer the questions you are sure of knowing. If you have half-baked knowledge of topics, you are more likely to make mistakes.

Take mock tests and analyze them well: Keep taking mock tests and be strict with the timings. After the test is over, look out for your mistakes and make it sure that you do not repeat them in future.

Civil services examination is the entry to the most high-profile jobs in India with a huge competition. It demands you to be focused and consistent throughout the journey with a mix of hard work, smartness, perseverance, and patience.

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