What Are The Qualities You Need To Hone To Become An IAS Officer?

Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is a dream for almost all the graduate passouts. IAS is not only a lucrative career but also a profession with the highest degree of respect across the world. Becoming an IAS officer will enable you to make remarkable changes for nation-building.

In order to become an IAS officer, one has to appear for the Civil Services Examination (CSE) conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). Cracking the year-long Civil Services is a gruelling task as the test is believed to be India's toughest examination.

Every year, over four lakh candidates put their blood and sweat for the Civil Services' preparation; however, very few pass with flying colours. If you assess what makes the difference when the amount of hard work is the same, you will certainly figure out some astonishing qualities. If you want to become an IAS officer, hone these qualities while preparing for the Civil Services.

How To Crack UPSC Civil Services While Working?


Undeniably, an IAS officer is an administrative lead with some legitimate powers. Wherever they are posted, they should display the same courage with exceptional leadership skills. They should also pat the back of their subordinates to serve the country.

Commitment & Hard Work

As IAS officer will be supervising various departments starting from administrative to finance. In order to achieve success, he/she should meticulously look into each department. The only motivational mantra for an IAS officer is ''Work is Worship'' and this should be the same for Civil Services' aspirants.

Ethics & Honesty

An IAS is not just a profession with high perks. One will receive the highest degree of respect from the public only he/she follows ethics in their work. They should avoid the misuse of power and work for the well being of people. Surely, their honesty will be counted for their career advancement.


This is the most important quality required not only to become an IAS officer but to excel in the career as well. An IAS officer needs to work long hours and there will be no leaves or holidays for them. In such times, the discipline and passion towards the job will keep them going.

This quality is even important for aspirants to crack the examination because the syllabus of the Civil Services is huge. One can master the entire syllabus through discipline.


There will be a scope for a lot of miscommunication in the public department due to various reasons. A clear order from the superior will keep everything at bay. An IAS officer needs good verbal and non-verbal communication skills which helps the subordinates to achieve the targets.

This skill is also required for aspirants to convey their opinions while taking the questions related to public issues in the Civil Services Main examination.


Being patriotic is not an easy task. An IAS officer should possess this quality to do their work efficiently because most of their responsibilities are tied to the country's future. One should always believe that they are the one building the nation for tomorrow.

Time Management

Though time management comes under discipline, it needs a special attention because an IAS officer should not give excuses for this. They should always be on time which will also boost the work efficiency of their departments and/or divisions. This skill is required for aspirants to clear the Civil Services preliminary examination.

Out Of The Box Thinking

In order to create new and unique schemes, one should think beyond the box. As stated above, the IAS officer is associated with nation-building and should think out of the box. This is required to draft new development programmes and schemes.

Decision-making Ability

Every day, new challenges will be knocking on the doors of an IAS officer. One should take appropriate and right decisions while solving the issues. They have to remember that the decision should benefit the maximum number of people.

Service Oriented

As mentioned previously, an IAS officer should always be bound to the public. To access the service values in aspirants, UPSC has introduced the ethical paper in the Civil Services Main examination. Hence, aspirants are advised to work on this while preparing for the exam which will be useful in the day-to-day work.

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