UPSC Civil Services: How To Prepare For General Studies In The Main Examination

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) will be kick-starting the Civil Services main examination in September. This is the second phase of the selection process after the preliminary examination, which took place on June 3. Over 3 Lakh candidates have appeared for the first phase and only 11 thousand candidates got shortlisted to attempt the UPSC Civil Services main exam.

The UPSC Civil Services main exam consists of nine papers and Indian language and English are the two qualifying papers. Out of the nine papers, seven papers are considered for the grand total. There are four general studies papers in the main examination that play a crucial role in the cut-off score. Hence, we have decided to provide some preparation tips for general studies papers that could help aspirants in acing the Civil Services main examination.

Civil Services Main General Studies Papers

General Studies Paper I: Indian heritage and culture, history and geography of the world and society

General Studies Paper II: Governance, constitution, polity, social justice and international relations

General Studies Paper III: Technology, economic development, biodiversity, environment, security and disaster management

General Studies Paper IV: Ethics, integrity and aptitude

Civil Services Mains: General Studies Paper I Preparation Tips

The general studies paper I in the main examination will be on the facts. Aspirants who have prepared meticulously about the freedom movement and geography during the preliminary exam can take advantage here. However, they have to devote time to make the points in a descriptive format.

The heritage and culture also are very important topics. Make a list of reforms that are related to the culture, which will help while describing any topics. Give priority to the effects of globalization on Indian society.

Civil Services Mains: General Studies Paper II Preparation Tips

Most of the topics in this paper are related to the preliminary syllabus. However, presentation and scrutinising skills are recovered because the syllabus is vast. Though the international relations and Indian polity focus more on the current affairs, one should also focus on the static general knowledge.

Try to adopt the same style followed in the editorial columns where the entire information will be provided within 300 words. Reading the newspaper will help a lot in this paper.

Civil Services Mains: General Studies Paper II Preparation Tips

There are many key topics in this paper and each one is unique in its own. To ace the economic development, the Economic Survey published by the government of India will help in this regard. Solving the previous years' question paper will help a lot in this paper because many questions can be conceptual based.

Give more time to know about the government budgeting and land reforms in India. Master all the basic concepts related to science and technology, environment and biodiversity.

Civil Services Mains: General Studies Paper IV Preparation Tips

This is an intimidating paper to many aspirants because of no set format. However, one can score well with spontaneity and life skills. The paper is entirely about ethics and philosophy. One should have a clear open mind while attempting the questions during the exam. Reading the books of philosophers is suggested.

UPSC Civil Services: Preparation Tips To Ace The Main Examination

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