Does education exactly prepare you for work?

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Does education exactly prepare you for work?

With so many precious years of studying to end up with a job worth working for, one wonders if all the time spent on education is actually going to help us in future or not. It's a general thing that most of us have a major question floating in our minds like why do we have exam? Why do we study this? Why should we derive this? And many other questions we grow along with.

Although all that we study is basic knowledge one must acquire to survive, does it actually shape us up to be work-ready? Is there any section in our education system where the students are taught how to work? Is there any segment in the system where the students learn corporate ethics? (Unless it is a student who has enrolled to a management degree) So, in the primary years of studying at schools and colleges we never learn what it is to actually work. There is no subject called "Work cultures" or "Work ethics" anywhere in the general list of subjects (except for a few institutions which have taken the initiative to include such mandatory classes to make students work-ready)

What should be done to make education prepare students for work?

Here is the list:

*The schools and colleges must take initiative to make their students work-ready, even if it is not in the list of subjects the government has assigned them to teach.

*A mandatory class where the students can learn the work ethics so that they will not be surprised at how the corporate world works, must be organised.

* Workshops and practical sessions must be conducted wherein students can feel how the work-life is in real-time.

* Taking students to companies and showing them the way it functions will help them get a better idea.

* Goal setting must be taught to students. They must be able to decide in which field of industry would they want to work.

* Students must be taught how to handle pressure. The fact being that it will no longer be just the exams and scores, if the person is unable to perform, there will be no repetition or waring. The corporate world will replace the person with someone who can perform. Students must be ready to perform under pressure.

* They must be taught how to face interview, how to keep updating themselves with the trending technologies.

* Students must be taught how to handle the competition.

* They must be made aware of the various rounds of a company's selection process.

If education includes the above, then certainly, students will be prepared to embark the work-environment. They will then be work-ready.

This is what we had to say. Please share your views here on the same:

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