Ranking Methodology

If we go with the basic concept of the term, ‘Methodology’; it simply means the system of methods that are used in a particular area of study or activity. So, here in the Ranking Methodology of Careerindia Ranking, there are numerous methods by which the rankings have been decided. The Ranking Methodology has been accomplished by our expert team, who have reached out to the prestigious educational institutes of India; along with some of the premier institutions. Professors, Retired Professors, Retired IOFS Officer, Educationalists, Senior Journalists, and many more.

The Methodology/Ranking Methodology of CareerIndia Ranking is broadly categorized into two sections:-

Section A is dedicated to the Quality Education of the institute under consideration.

Section B is dedicated to the Placement/Internship of the institute under consideration.

The Quality Education Section (Section-A) is further classified into different sub-sections. They are as follows-

  • Total No. of Students in Academic Session 2022-23:- The total number of students in the Academic Session, 2022-2023 is the overall number of enrolled students in the educational institute that is being admitted into the institute.

  • Total No. of Teachers in Academic Session 2022-23:- An educational institute is comprised of quality educators that help the enrolled candidates to receive the quality education that helps the students to shape their future in the right direction.

  • Total Experience of Teachers in the Institution:- The educational institute includes well-qualified and experienced teachers that help in molding the character and future of the students in the correct direction. They aid in paving the right path for the students for their bright future.

  • Scholarships Available:- One of the important sections of Quality Education is the Scholarships Available in the institute. The scholarship is basically a grant-in-aid to a student by a college or foundation that immensely helps in receiving Higher Education for a bright and secure life.

  • No. of Laboratories in Institution:- An educational institute that is dedicated to the betterment of students, do include varied laboratories in different subjects that help in developing another level of mindset.

  • No. of Incubators in the Institution:- An incubator in an educational institution acts as a catalyst to generate viable business ideas, fund and launch the idea and provide necessary support and assistance to the students during the process by giving them assistance from entrepreneurial mentors.

  • MoUs Signed with different organizations in India:- Memorandum of Understanding, commonly abbreviated as MoUs has become an important aspect of the educational institutes in India. Through MoUs being implemented by the NAAC and AICTE in the educational institutes, means both institutes (two institutes) agree to help, identify and invite the faculty members and researchers from the other institutes to participate in conferences, workshops, and short-term courses. This MOU may be amended, renewed, and terminated by mutual written agreement of the institutes at any time.

  • MoUs Signed with Foreign Institutions:- Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Foreign Institutions simply means an educational collaboration of national students with international students for Knowledge Transfer, Academic Collaboration, and Student Mobility.

  • Seminars/Symposiums Conducted in 2022-23:- In its literal meaning, a Seminar/Symposium is a teaching model in which students work in small groups to discuss assigned questions and issues under the guidance of teachers. Hence, Seminare/Symposiums are an integral part and parcel of an educational institute for the overall development of the enrolled candidates.

The placement/Internship Section is then divided into the following sub-categories:-

  • No. of Students in Final Year:- The Placement Cell or Internship is highly dependent on the total number of students that appeared in the Final Year, as this is the stage wherein; the candidates get their respective jobs and pursue them for their bright future.

  • No. of Students got Campus Placement:- Campus Placement of an educational institute is essentially a recruiting program that is conducted in various universities & institutions with the intent to provide jobs to students who are nearing completion of their respective courses that will pave the path in the right direction.

  • No. of Students got Internships:- The educational institute that provides Internships is showing a concern for the enrolled students as an internship is a professional learning experience that offers meaningful, practical work related to a student's field of study or career interest. An internship gives a student the opportunity for career exploration and development, and to learn new skills.

  • Accreditation:- Accreditation is the action or process of officially recognizing someone as having a particular status or being qualified to perform a particular activity. Accreditation is an important aspect of the educational institute as it gives recognition to the institute under consideration through which a student finds his/her own identity to the extent.

  • Position in NIRF Rankings:- National Institute Ranking Framework (NIRF) Rankings is one of the major aspects of NIRF Ranking is one of the key decision criteria for taking admission to the institute. Education institutes or universities having higher NIRF Rankings can get more student admission interest.

  • NAAC Accreditation:- National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) is a prominent tool for evaluating the performance of the Universities and Colleges in the Country. NAAC helps the students in getting admitted into the colleges/universities that are of their interest and is NAAC Accreditated for the bright and secured future of the enrolled candidates.

  • Student Life:- Student Life of the students in the concerned educational institute is a milestone that is cherished by every student of the institute. Student life is one of the most memorable phases of a person's life. The phase of student life builds the foundation of our lives. In student life, learning from books is not the sole purpose of it, rather students learn to grow emotionally, physically, philosophically as well as socially during this phase.

  • Students from South:- The educational institute is the amalgamation of students from every different geographical region across the country. Students from the South of the country can be seen in the institute which adds glory to the history of the institute in various aspects.

  • Students from the East:- Students from the East do note their presence in the educational institute that is significant from every angle.

  • Students from the West:- The students from the West of India are highly noticeable in the educational institute under consideration. They are enrolled in the institute with their very basic and ethical sense of the region which adds to the eminence of the institute in many possible ways.

  • Students from the North:- The educational institute sees a huge number of students from the North of India being admitted into the institute for their Higher Education. The students from the North do add to the glory of the institute in varied ways.

  • Students from North-East:- North-East state of India is one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing states in the country. The North-East states are popularly known as the Seven Sisters, namely; Manipur, Mizoram, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Nagaland, and Tripura. The candidates who are enrolled in the educational institute under consideration do showcase their culture in numerous ways. Such a collaboration definitely adds to the fame of the educational institute.

  • No. of Foreign Students:- There is a huge number of Foreign Students that are enrolled in the institute for receiving their Higher Education. The perspective of the Foreign Students will be somehow different and that will definitely add more fame to the institute.

  • No. of active sports on Campus:- The educational institute does have numerous Sports that are actively participated by the students of the institute. There are a large number of active sports that are being played by the students.

No. of Seats in Hostels:- The educational institute comprises hostel facilities for boys and girls, separately. The enrolled candidates who are from other cities get the hostel facility. There are enough seats available for the enrolled students who belong to another city/town/state as well.

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