Who Is The Big Boss? 5 Tips for Good Leadership

By Malavikka

Every office has a boss who believes in different kinds of leadership styles such as autocratic and democratic, that is taking decisions on own and taking suggestions from others and then deciding. It depends on how they handle their role and beliefs that place them as a good boss or not. Here are few tips to define who is the big boss with a big personality and how you could become one by acquiring the required traits.


Critical analysis

If a problem occurs between two or more employees, the boss must not take sides or come to conclusion with one complaint. He or she must think from everybody's point of view, enquire separately and then together to judge right and take necessary corrective action. Some offices have bosses who trust a few.

Who Is The Big Boss? 5 Tips for Good Leadership

Take blame, distribute credit

This is the policy that Former President APJ Abdul Kalam got inspired from his leaders. The beauty of responsible leaders are the way they treat the employees. When something goes wrong it is easy to start the blame game. But the one who brings their chest forward to take it under their responsibility for the failure will be the one whom employees will trust. It will build faith among them to be straightforward to you and make them feel secured of having you as their leader. Similarly when there are laurels for work accomplished, be quick to thank each one and give them their due credit, an act that projects your generosity.

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Give and get trust

Like love, trust is a mutual concept. Even if you trust your employees or not, if you just show them that you can trust them, they will work towards safeguarding it. Trusting does not mean not monitoring, but it means in not interfering with every minute details of the work. Give them the freedom in small things and trust that they could handle it.

Be open

Keep your ears and mindset open for any situation and feedback. When an employee does a mistake or comes to you with complaint bypassing his senior, don't get angry. Instead calmly teach him the right thing to do. A troubled person needs calmness more than empathy for his grievance redressal.


It is important for you to keep your employees motivated by various means to let them work as per your desire and meet the targets. Put efforts to know their short coming and find how you could facilitate them to break it.

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