Which Top 5 IT Skills Will Be More In Demand By 2020?

By Shatavisha Chakravorty

The world of IT is one of the most dynamic fields that exist. In the era before the dot-com revolution, having knowledge of any coding language was enough for a person to earn their bread and butter here. However, the last couple of decades saw an exponential rise in the role of IT in everyday life. These days, there is practically no aspect of life that is unaffected by the world of computing and IT. As the popularity of IT has grown by leaps and bounds, so has its horizons. These days, merely knowing a programming language is not enough; one needs to be well versed in two or three different languages and must be in a position to go for self-study and comprehend them (and thereby apply the same to their everyday coding).


In fact, the world of IT has come beyond that of mere coding and is today exploring new technological horizons. In such a situation, this article talks about five emerging technological trends that are expected to take the world of IT by storm in the coming years and revolutionise the way the world thinks by the year 2020. Read on to know more about the same.

Top 5 IT Skills In Demand By 2020

1. Big Data

This is one terminology that has affected not just the world of technology, but also that of finance and mathematics. In layman's terms, big data is all about processing extremely large sets of data. Now, by processing, we include things like capturing of the data, its storage and analysis as well as factors related to its piracy.

Since it is not possible for anyone to do those computations; specific software programs are developed by qualified professionals who deal with the three core concepts of volume, velocity and variety of the data.

To be able to come up with such complex procedures of predictive analysis of data, one needs to have a background in computer science or computer engineering along with a good understanding of the concepts of mathematics and linear analysis. Having a good knowledge of finance will give you an edge in this particular technology.

2. Internet Of Things (IoT)

IoT is a field that has pretty much changed the way we perceive the world. These days, it is possible to control the fan and the lighting of our homes from our smartphones. In the future, much more serious applications of IoT are expected to empower human lives.

This would include an entire mesh of vehicles, home appliances, fitness gadgets and other devices to be integrated with software and electronic sensors in order to transform them to smart devices.

The aim of the smart devices, in general, is to make human life easier by ensuring efficient device movement and better recognition abilities of the sensors involved. This field requires people from a host of different backgrounds that includes architecture, electrical sciences, electronics, computer science, automobiles and mechanical and electronics engineering. Generally, people with a master's degree are preferred here.

3. Cloud Computing

In very basic terms, we can say that cloud computing is a platform where a shared pool of resources is made available to a pool of users. This means that each user does not have a definite resource allotted to them, but makes use of the resources from a central pool. This calls for a more efficient way of resource utilisation by bringing down the wastage.

Naturally, this brings down the cost involved with the concerned companies and that is why it is a more favourable option for many. A thorough understanding of network architecture is an absolute must if you want to work in this field. You must also be pretty well versed with the concepts of applied mathematics if you want to do well here.

Candidates with a background in communication engineering or computer engineering are preferred for this post. Considering the scope in this field, if you are talented, it will be easy for you to earn your bread and butter here.

4. Artificial Intelligence

This is something that has been in the market for quite some time but its popularity has increased only in the recent years. By 2020, this particular technology is expected to take the digital world by storm.

At the heart of artificial intelligence lies the idea of empowering computers and other machines with technology so they are in a position of taking decisions on their own, without depending on human intervention.

Now, speaking from a practical point of view, this is going to bring in computer intervention in areas that were otherwise unhindered by technology. Things like audio comprehension, speech recognition and image enhancements fall under the realm of artificial intelligence.

Because of the wide scope of this particular area of technology, people from the computer science, electronics, electrical and communication engineering backgrounds are required. These days, there are a number of places in the country that offer a master's degree in artificial intelligence itself.

5. Virtual Reality

It will be fair for us to say that virtual reality is the intersection of the sciences of electronics engineering and computer science. Here, an artificially simulated environment is achieved by using different types of sensory feedback. This makes the entire user experience a much more pleasurable one.

This type of simulated environment can be achieved by using multi-projection environments. These multi-projection environments often take into account a person's physical environment and apply technology to make the person experience something that is completely moved.

Thus, as you can imagine, there is a lot of money involved in the same and designers here are well compensated. Other than that, virtual reality can also be experienced by using VR boxes and appropriate headsets.

Jobs in this field are available both in the manufacturing as well as the R&D field and candidates with a background in electronics and communication are preferred for the same. This field has extensive applications in gaming and is expected to hire over 20,000 qualified professionals by 2020.

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