What Can Teachers do to Improve Education in our Society?

By George

Education is the foundation of a great society. Through proper learning and understanding, generations of innovators can rise. This is the dream that many around the world have carried for too long. Today education is not just about creating a civilization, but a key to earn a living.


Education is the beacon of hope in the darkest of times. And the responsibility to hold this beacon up, and to make sure that it continues burning is in the hands of the teachers. The world relies on teachers, professors and educators, in the hope that they will mold the students into better humans.

What Can Teachers do to Improve Education

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The future of many lives, depend on how these teachers deal with the system of education. The teacher's role in a student's life is more than just, explaining concepts, assigning homework and examining the knowledge of the students.

Teachers can transform how communities are built up and how discoveries are made up.

To achieve such feats, our teachers will have to look into some areas of every day activities in education.

Listen and let them Listen

The student learns from his teacher. The behavior of the teacher is imprinted on the student. For the student to like the teacher and follow, the teacher must be give chances for the student to speak out, and must try to understand them. Once the teacher presents this form of communication, the student will definitely mirror the same behavior.

How Will This Improve Education?

To be civilized, to debate on topics and come to conclusions, something that the leaders of our communities should be doing we need to understand each other. Today, it is just white noise when we have a debate among leaders. This will change only when the future generations show a difference in their approach.

Know Your Students

Identifying each student by their name, by their interests and their likes is an essential part of teaching and learning. The teacher generally tends to make announcements to the whole class and seldom do they talk to students about their thoughts, ideas or perspectives. This should change. There must be dialogue in classroom. The relationship of a teacher and students should not just be of a disciplinarian and followers.

How Will This Improve Education?

Empathy is absent in the world today. Millions of people are pushing forward for surviving life and not living it. No one cares about the poor, the discriminated and there is hardly any actual talk and action about welfare. Teachers need to know their students and have proper talks so that in the future, the common citizens will talk about issues to each other and the ones in authority and bring about changes.

Checklist for teachers to create a successful classroom environmentChecklist for teachers to create a successful classroom environment

How Will This Improve Education?

Self esteem is largely affected, when a student is embarrassed and humiliated. This can have a serious effect on the growth and adulthood. Teachers may forget it after a week or so, the student may not. Serious situations like this can affect the subconscious. When this happens in large numbers, it affects a large section of the population, all struggling with issues from childhood.

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Instill the Habit of Reading

Some students might show interest on their own, but there are many students who do not get introduced to the world of books. This is where teachers should sweep in and become the saviors. Teachers should chisel the lives of students by making them understand the importance of reading and how skills like communication, both verbal and written improves with reading.

How Will This Improve Education?

Needless to say, we will have a well informed society if a majority is well read. There will be progress in terms of ideology and understanding. Today, the art of storytelling has fallen off from the hands of parents and grandparents due to nuclear families and rigid working hours. Reading is the only way millions of kids can expand their imagination and fly away to their own magical lands.

 </a></strong><a class=8 Things that the World of Harry Potter taught the Student Community" title=" 8 Things that the World of Harry Potter taught the Student Community" /> 8 Things that the World of Harry Potter taught the Student Community

Introduce New Ideas

The practice of conceptualization has to be learned from an adult. A study by an eminent psychologist Jean Piaget showed that children copy the behavior of the adults. On an average, the students pend 7-8 hours with a teacher. If the teacher makes an effort about talking about new ideas and bringing new systems, this would help the students think in the similar way. Uniqueness and novelty is what the world thrives on.

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How Will This Improve Education?

We live in an ever changing environment. Like it or not, everything we have and love is changing. Humans have always had different systems for public administration, instruction and likewise, which have changed as time changed. If new ideas are developed and applied, with time, better concepts can be enhanced. This will help the society, culture and each individual to live in a more advanced form.

5 Skills That Make A Great Pre-School Teacher5 Skills That Make A Great Pre-School Teacher

Teachers have different roles in a classroom. Leadership, effective communication and organization are areas that usually teachers look into. Many aspects like moral values, ethics, basic etiquettes are over looked as they don't matter when it comes to examination.

Like Robin Williams said in Dead Poet's Society, "...medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for."

As humans we need to understand why we live, so that we can learn how to survive. Only the educators and teachers of this generations can do this today.

To nurture an entire nation, one must start in a class, as a teacher.

How to Empower School Students Through Education?How to Empower School Students Through Education?

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