Top 10 Fields In Which Internships Can Shape Into A Career Prospect

By Shatavisha Chakravorty

The Indian education system is such that we are always obsessed with grades. Such is the obsession that often the focus seems to shift from that of actual knowledge to that of mere scoring marks. So, the actual learning happens after one leaves the premises of the educational institution. However, in the period between getting out of the classroom and that of joining the workforce, there comes the period of an internship.


It will be fair on our part to say that an internship is a period of apprenticeship wherein a person actually gets to implement all that they have learnt in their student days. At the same time, this is the time when one picks on the finer nuances of the game.

10 Internships That Can Become A Career

The experience that one garners during the period of an internship and how they make the most out of the time that is allotted to them is what sets them apart from others whom they compete with. This article talks about 10 such fields where having an internship experience will help you earn brownie points.

1. Event Planning And Event Management

This is one field of study where things cannot be learnt just theoretically. There are hundreds of things that can go wrong when you have to sit down and actually plan an event. The challenge magnifies itself when we speak about implementation of the plans.

With experience you actually get to know a lot about the things that can possibly go wrong and you learn to tackle the same; that's why an internship is important.

2. Human Services

Things like fundraising and social media-related work come under the allies of human services. Teaching is another aspect that falls under it. Since these types of jobs involve a great deal of human interaction, they are best carried out when learnt from hands-on experience.

There are a number of schools and NGOs that offer internships in the different domains of human services. Try exploring them if you really want to make a career in this field.

3. Finance

The concepts of financial analysis and economics that you learn in the classroom can be well applied to the world beyond. The internships that you take up during your vacation days is what will actually teach you to be able to do this. You will then be able to ace budgeting, which will, in turn, give you an edge over that of your competitors.

4. Logistics And Planning

There are a lot of hiccups that professions in this field encounter on a daily basis. Getting things planned on pen and paper is much easier than implementing the same in real life. Planning things is something that can be learnt in the classroom. The implementation of all that you have penned down is something that can be learnt in the course of an internship. That is why it will be fair to say that in this field, an internship is just as important as the degree itself.

5. Engineering

This is one field where internships are all the way more important. Not only do you get to learn a lot during internships, but a number of students are seen getting pre-placement offers from the companies they intern for. Thus, by interning with an appropriate firm you increase your employability by leaps and bounds.

6. Communication And Public Relations

This is another field that requires a good deal of human interaction. By trying to make a career in journalism you are actually learning to deal with people first hand. This can be learnt best when you are actually interning with an organisation. The same can be said in the case of social media, technical writing, editing and other public relations jobs.

7. Sales And Marketing

This is one field where there are a lot of numbers and figures involved. There are a number of tactics that will be taught to you in the classroom. However, implementing the same in business development and marketing is something that you will learn in the course of your internship - you will learn about the various stages of project development and more.

8. Healthcare

This is one field where an internship is so important that it is a mandatory part of the course. One needs to have completed their internship in order to pursue a career in this field. Things like patient care and taking life-deciding decisions are things that can be learnt only when you are in the heart of it all.

9. Designing

This is one field where creativity is much appreciated. Be it fashion designing or interior, you must know how to apply that creativity to your advantage and make it fit to be utilised in the industry. Thus, in order to succeed in this field, creativity is something that must be innate in you.

Other than that, you must know the techniques and that is something that you will master in the course of your classroom training. However, the combination of all of this and the implementation of the same is something that you can learn only if you intern with a firm or agency.

10. Legal

Having a degree in law means that you are well versed with all those complicated legal compliance procedures. However, legal research and litigation are not all that it takes to succeed in this profession. You need to know how to deal with clients, find loopholes and present your arguments in a convincing manner.

Budgeting and making sure that you are able to stick to the budget are equally important. These are things that will come to you only when you intern under a senior or firm.

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