10 Way To Make Maximum Use Of Your Study Time

By Anuj Mishra

When we watch a movie, we are fully entertained for as long as the movie lasts. Or, when we play a sport, our body is working out for the whole time until the game ends. But, have you ever thought whether the time you are putting in your studies is fully utilised?


Often, students aren't satisfied or convinced with themselves after they are done with their studies for the day. Somewhere inside they feel that the time invested in the study is not fully optimised. But why is that so? Maybe you lack a bit of concentration power or you are not fully focussed on studying.

Efficient Study Tips

Whatever may be the reason, there's no need to worry about it. We have brought you 10 tips following which you can optimise your study time and get the best from it.

Start Your Day With Exercise

For keeping your mind healthy, you need to stay absolutely physically fit. Many times, we feel drowsy while studying and keep yawning after every few minutes. That's because our body and mind are not completely active. To avoid this, exercise for at least half an hour a day to stay fresh and active all day long.


Meditation does not just improve your concentration skills but also bestows you with the capability to keep calm in stressful situations. Around 10 minutes of meditation every day improves your thinking power and acts as a workout for your brain.

Efficient Study Tips

Read Loudly

Silence is one of the crucial things to concentrate on your studies. However, it only applies to your surrounding and not you. Silently reading is not as effective as doing it loudly. When you read in a high tone, the words and sentences strike your ears and stick in your memory for a long period.

Make Initial Plan

Before you sit to study, make a timetable, which should include every topic of a chapter and the estimated time it would take to complete it. In the end, scrutinise whether you have accomplished these goals. This will clearly convey how much harder you need to push yourself.

Make It A Habit To Study Every Day

We have adopted a habit of brushing our teeth every morning and our day doesn't start without it. Similarly, acquire the habit of studying every day and do it so diligently that you stop feeling your day is complete without doing it. Sounds unrealistic? It might be, but it is possible if you are really willing to do it.

Study Today And Revise Tomorrow

We feel confident and content once we understand a concept. We feel like the task is accomplished. But it's only at the time of examination that you understand reading once wasn't enough. To avoid this, make a habit of doing a quick revision every day for the things you have studied the previous day.

Efficient Study Tips

Choose Quality Study Material

For every subject, there are books from several publishers available in the market. In order to gain a thorough knowledge of a subject, always choose those which convey complete information in the simplest ways. Do not opt for short notes to save time as this practise can result in incomplete knowledge, thereby, resulting in less scores in the exam.

Keep Your Gadgets Away

Even if you are intensely determined to study, keeping electronic devices nearby can result in distractions. A message or a social media notification forces you to check your phone which extends in you spending an unforgivable amount of time browsing stuff on your phone or tablet.

Get Ample Sleep

If you want to feed all the read information firmly in your mind and then get ready for gaining more the next day, never fail to get ample of sleep. It restarts your brain and opens it up to receive more theories and concepts.

Motivational Songs Or Videos

We all might have seen motivational videos which set our insides on fire and we suddenly feel the urge to do something. However, the effect fades with time. Therefore, you need to keep watching inspirational videos or listening to motivational songs to keep your spirits high all the time.

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