Ram Nath Kovind elected as the 14th President : Tips for Students to Become Leaders of Tomorrow

By George

Ram Nath Kovind has been elected as the 14th President of Republic of India, by winning the 2017 presidential election against Meira Kumar. Mr. Kovind secured over two-thirds of the total electoral college votes.


The voting took place on July 17, 2017 and the results for the same were declared in the evening. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Ram Nath Kovind by sharing his message on twitter.

With another great personality rising up to take the post of the Head of the State, it is inspirational to see that the position has always been filled in by academically influential and powerful individuals.

Ram Nath Kovind elected as the 14th President

Starting from the very first president, Rajendra Prasad who was a teacher at various institution, to the new president-elect who holds a Bachelors degree in commerce and LLB, and practiced in Delhi and Supreme court for almost 16 years.

Education and Career of President Ramnath KovindEducation and Career of President Ramnath Kovind

It is visible how to become a successful leader, education and academic qualification can only help one to become more efficient. With a practical portrayal of the idiom, pen is mightier than sword, our leaders are taking us forward to an era of progress and stability.

The young students of today might have built dreams of reaching the positions of President of India and the Prime Minister. It isn't just politics that takes a leader forward. It is knowledge that acts as a beacon of light.

So here are few tips for the future leaders of our country that they can take up and reach heights while providing for the society.

Know Thyself

To say it in the most simple words, one must understand themselves. A leader needs to know her strengths and weaknesses. She needs to know what can trigger her and what can make her feel calm.

The knowledge that one must assimilate at first is about themselves.

Thus, it is not a one time project that you take up just to be better. This is a life long process, that you will have to fix in your every day life and behavior. By doing so, you will understand how to deal with other people.

As a leader, one of the most important things is to put forth dialogues and negotiate. You must know where you stand while you are doing this.

Practice what you profess

You have a new idea? You think certain actions must be stopped? You think some new practice must be taken up? Then rather than just talking and preaching about the positives and negatives, and giving out information, lead on by example.

Show everyone what a novel concept can do by practicing it yourself. People are skeptical about leaders, until they find a reason to believe in them. People only believe in leaders who walk with the people, so start doing the things that you preach.

Never Stop Learning

A key to become a better leader is to never stop learning. The day you think you have it all and that you are the best leader that the community can get, that day you will lose your ground.

There are always ideas and situations about which you will have no clue how to deal with. If you keep your mind open, you will always find yourself surrounded with knowledge and thus you will never stop growing as a better leader.

Trust your Fellow workers

As a leader you will have certain people who would have started the journey with you from the grassroots. These people will always support you and at times, when they think you are making a mistake they will criticize you. But they will never let go of you.

If as a leader you know your position, as supporters of your ideals and insight, they know you well enough. There may fights and arguments, but these allies are never to be distrusted and left behind.

Remember that for a house to be built, it isn't just the architect who is to be given the credit but each and every person who puts an effort into it.

Bring in New perspective

Every individual who is chosen to be a leader, whether in a classroom, a student union, in a state or a country, they must look forward to bring novel concepts and try to implement them. This shouldn't be forced upon the others, rather it must be looked at from all angles and talked about.

Bringing a new idea into execution is not just about leaving a legacy behind, it is about thinking for the community and doing something worthwhile.

This helps in progress and transition of the groups or the societies into a more three dimensional and accepting one.

Keep up your Personal Life

As a leader you are expected to live your life for the community. You are chosen by the community to work for them and manage the things.

But you must remember that you are a person who requires some time off. You need to relax and have fun whenever you can. Spend time with your family and friends. Take up hobbies and keep your mind off the responsibilities. This will help you to rejuvenate and come back with more enthusiasm.

With these tips you will definitely be able to mold yourself into a leader like Mr. Ram Nath Kovind whom people will look forward to. The opportunities and the requirement for leaders are many as of today.

Along with these, one can must always keep collecting information, keep up a good social behavior and be able to deal with uncertain situations, concentrate and keep calm.

Inspired? Then take up those dreams and make a reality.

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