Narendra Modi Authors Book For Students – Know More About Tips for Aspiring Writers

By George

The Prime Minister of our country Mr. Narendra Modi has added one more feather to his cap. Or so to say he will be doing so in the coming future. Penguin Random House, a well known publishing house, has revealed that Mr. Modi would be penning a book for the youth in India. The book will cover important issues like overcoming stress during the examination and how to keep up composure after the exams get over.


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The book will be published in multiple languages and shows how the Prime Minister of the country wants to help the students. The book is mainly aimed at the students of class 10 and class 12, who are the most affected by the expectations and pressure that comes with examinations.

Narendra Modi Authors Book For Students

It is an extension of the 'Mann Ki Baat' radio programe, that the PM found to be successful and thus decided to put his words into print.

There is no doubt that there are many young and upcoming writers in the country. With examples like Mr. Modi, young minds of our country will always have the inspiration toand making them happen.

Writing a book, is not a few days work. It takes many months to develop the idea, and many more to actually write it. People might think that writing is as easy as saying, 'I'm going to write.'

Guess what? It is not.

So while Mr. Modi is helping the students of our country to tackle the examinations with a strong mind we have some tips for all the young aspiring writers who want to bring in some changes in the society or just have a story for the whole world to read.

Gotta Read 'em all!

The more you read, the more you will be able to write. Words do not just seed out of your mind. It needs extreme work to put one's thoughts into words. How to do this? The answer is to read. You can chose whatever genre, fiction or non-fiction, but you must read. What happens when you read?

  • Vocabulary increases
  • You will know what word to use where
  • Learn to make proper sentence construction
  • Start noticing the styles used by different authors
  • You will be reading SO MANY BOOKS!

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Write. Write. Write

Needles to say this is the most important part of the whole process. If you only decide on writing or just keep on wanting to write, you will never reach your goal to finish writing that book. Don't be anxious. No author has ever written some bestseller the very first time they wrote something. So just make sure every day you write some bit. Why?

  • You will know the parts you don't have to include.
  • It will increase your ability to write more.
  • Something that you don't find useful now, may come useful later.
  • Recalling words will become easier with time.

Don't Think about Good or Not Good

The first time you are writing something, you need not worry if you your writing is good or not. Writing is something that develops with time. The more time you spend on it, the better you will become. But being anxious about how your plot will be ending and if the readers will like it or not, will not help you a bit. Rather, you must stay calm and concentrate on writing. Ask yourself if you are satisfied with whatever you did. If not then start again. You should give maximum time to your work.

Refer the Right Sources

As a Non-Fiction writer one might need more information than just imagination. For the first time authors, this might become a difficulty. Authors usually learn how to work with their book, and each of them have their own way of finding out resources. But for first timers, one must keep the following in mind:

  • Get the information from certified sources
  • Double check with other sources as well
  • Make someone else edit your work ( This way they might find an error)

In case of Fiction, sometimes, facts must be right. It all depends on the author, so it can be flexible, but it is better to double check your facts and your sources than ending up with an error and saying things like, "It's fiction, I imagined it that way."

Look Out for Constructive Criticism

If you really want to grow as a writer one thing you must do is take constructive criticism. But this doesn't mean that you must adhere to every other person's perspective. Though some might be worthy enough to listen, many people might be discouraging in their statements.

  • Have a critic who will read through your work without any bias.
  • Some people might not say anything, with the intention of not hurting the writer. The person must give an honest opinion.
  • At the end it is the writer's choice to accept the feedback or not, but it is advised to go with the criticism.

Write something only if you truly believe in it

Now this might sound silly to some, but it actually works. Writing words is an easy task. Writing one's soul and thought into a book requires experience, imagination and passion. These three ingredients can only be available when :

  • The writer truly believes in what they are writing.
  • When there is a reason to why they must be writing.

For a reader to read and connect, there needs to be context which can be geographical, social or based on any other aspect of life.

Literature is the reflection of the society. To use the words of Stephen Chobsky for the writers, one can say that writers are the ones who see things, who keep quite about them and who understand and write them.

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