Interesting Opportunities To Take Up After Engineering Including Higher Studies

By Anuj Mishra

It was many years ago that engineering was considered a tough and rare course which only the most intelligent scholars pursue. Now, the admission process has become easier and more and more students are getting into this field every year. However, the stereotype of pursuing a job related to your degree has gone now and people aren't afraid of trying offbeat and creative options.


Turn your head around and you will see successful people who have completed engineering and ventured into a distinctive sector. Today, they are thriving as well. With various new industries and professions emerging every other day, you aren't deprived of options which are interesting. You can either pursue higher studies, those which are not related to engineering or try your hands at something which you have dreamed of since your childhood.

Creative Opportunities After Engineering

The frequency of students moving abroad for higher studies has been growing every year. This could be because there is a dearth of core engineering jobs for the numerous engineers in India. Higher studies is one of the most preferred options to stand out by adding more degrees to your CV. However, there are various other opportunities which only a few people think of, where you can creatively blend your engineering skills with your passion. Here are some of the many.

Online Writing Or Blogging

The Internet has been taking over all the other platforms and doing something related to it is highly likely to become a success. While pursuing engineering, if you have written a huge project thesis or have written for the college magazine, you may have discovered your writing skills.

So, how to utilise them? Blogging about topics which you are deeply knowledgeable about can be one option as people are making prosperous careers in it. You just need to know the basic nitty-gritty of online blogging which many computer buffs are already aware of.

The demand for online content writers is also on the rise and it could be one of the ideal careers for one with excellent writing skills.

Event Management

Events are held every year in all colleges and being part of the coordinating team is fun, isn't it? However, many students ignore the management skills which they develop while managing events held in their college. Taking initiatives and handling public functions is a skill which is in consistent demand these days.

Entering the event management sector could be yet another fruitful option as many people these days hand over all the hassle of organising functions and events to event management firms.


When it comes to the events held in college, we never forget to click pictures, a lot of them. Were you the one in your group who used to click amazing pictures of events and people? Then, photography could be an option. You just need to have the editing skills to make even the most boring photos interesting.

Well, students of IT and electronics engineering are fond of spending time on different software programs and equipment, so efficient handling of the camera and processing the images later shouldn't be a problem.

Media and management industries are always in demand of good photographers for covering events and other campaigns.

Game Designing

Students belonging to the computer science domain, who are avid coders, game designing is the career for you. Instead of joining an IT firm, why not try something innovative? Games, as we all know, are one of the favourite recreations for people all over the world, and the game designing companies are increasing by leaps and bounds.

So, now is the best time to poke the creative junkie in you and embark on something unconventional.


Gone are those days when MBA was necessary to know the basics of doing business; engineering teaches you everything. From management techniques to leadership skills, you become versatile once you complete the daunting journey of four years of engineering. Thus, if you have a business idea in mind which is foolproof and enough money to initiate even a small start-up, nothing should come in your way of building a successful start-up.

Flipkart founders are the best examples of this today; they started a tiny online venture in a small apartment in Bangalore and now compete with even the largest business giants around the world.

Civil Services Preparation

Do you get extremely annoyed with the chaotic system of our country and desire to do something to repair it? Then, civil services should be your top priority, which gives you enough authority to take charge of the system and make necessary alterations to it. You might have heard that cracking civil services examination is tough but consistent efforts and willpower should help you in dodging even the toughest obstacles.

After all, great things don't come easily.

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