How To Manage College Work And Gym

By Anuj Mishra

Studies are important and there's no question about it. In order to secure your career, you cannot compromise your studies for anything. Especially, when you are in college, you need to pay keen attention towards scoring as these scores influence your job placement later. Needless to say, college work has to be on top priority but to live a healthy life while being smart and successful, fitness cannot be ignored.


No matter how many degrees you have, where you work and which car you own, if your tummy pops out of your shirt, it's a clear indication that you lack something very important - a fit body. To avoid this and to live your life to the fullest, it's of utmost importance to workout and give your body the much-needed dose of exertion to stay fit and firm.

How To Manage College Work And Gym

However, with the growing stress of studies in every student's life, managing workouts and studies simultaneously seems tricky. Both of them are important and have to be managed together anyhow. Well, to do that, here are some tricks which you should implement to keep your college studies on track while shedding sweat regularly at the gym.

Get A Membership From The Nearest Gym

It has been observed that many boys and girls spend as much time in travelling to the gym as they spend for the workout. To cut this unnecessary time, it would be smart to get a gym membership at the nearest fitness centre which will help you invest your precious time only in working out.

However, it is also important to make sure the gym is fully-equiped along with experienced trainers.

Run To The Gym

You take your bike, car or any means of transport to reach the gym and what's the first thing you do there? Treadmill, right? How about cutting that treadmill time by jogging to the gym?

If your gym is nearby, running there could be the best substitute for the treadmill. Along with the necessary warm up, you can also spend some time in the open air which is much better than the toxic air of an air conditioner.

Utilise The Gym Weekly Offs For College Work

Every gym is closed once in a week. On this weekly off, you can spend your time studying which will compensate the hours of the week which were spent at the gym instead of studies.

You can complete all your submissions or writing work on this day so that the rest of week is left only for learning, reading and understanding theories.

Get An Evening Gym Membership

It is obvious that morning is the best time to workout but if done in the evening, it won't be a waste either. Once you make a habit of working out in the evening, your body adapts the schedule in a while and shows fruitful results.

Morning is also known to be an ideal time to understand complicated concepts. So, if studies are your top priority, you can shift your gym timing to the evening and spend your mornings studying.

Gel Well With The Gym Instructor

If you are finding it hard to manage your college work and gym at the same time, the best person to ask for advice is the trainer.

Although they wouldn't know how to manage studies, if you both gel well, they can guide you on how you can utilise your gym hours to its best. A gym instructor is a person who can tell you which exercises are suitable for your body and how they can be done in the least time while yielding equal benefits.

Set Realistic Fitness Goals

You cannot become Arnold Schwarzenegger while working just for an hour a day. And to stay fit, you don't need more than that. Set your priorities right. Think what's more important for you - having pumped up and toned muscles or scoring good grades for a secure career. If the latter is more important, set your fitness goals accordingly. Ponder on how much time spent working out won't affect your studies.

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