How to Make the Best Impression at your New Job?

By George

Life has been forcing us young birds to take a new flight every other moment. First it was the attending school for 14 years and writing exams after exams and then it was about getting a college degree.

Many of us followed this predestined path, forged by the continuous poking of our dear parents who have spent sleepless nights thinking about our future.

Well this is it. Here we are done with our academic life and we have the future gleaming at us. Our career will officially begin.


There will be the applying for new jobs and interview period and then you will find yourself walking into an entirely new universe, which can escalate your future to new heights or just make it stagnant.

How to Make the Best Impression at your New Job?

While you are moving on to the professional side of life, you need to remember how important it si to make the best first impression. Your growth in your organization depends on the first impression that you form.

And we do agree that you could be a Jon Snow, hiding your Targaryen roots within yourself, for the right time to rise. But we do suggest you to be ready from the very beginning, because-

Career is Coming!

Tips to make the Best Impression at your New Job:

Boss is Not equal to your BFF

Your boss is the one who hired you. They didn't tie a friendship band when they did that. So when you communicate with them, make sure you keep up the professional standards.

Do not reveal too much about your social life and at the same time don't try to know theirs either. Some individuals may find this as bothersome and nosy.

This doesn't mean that you carry an un-friendly relationship with them. No! You need to be professional and respect their privacy. Take time to know them and how they are and adjust yourself with the new environment and the new boss.

Learn and Provide Inputs

At your brand new job you will be learning things no one taught you at school or college. Not just in terms of the job you are hired for but also in terms of managing things and talking to the people. So learn as much as you can about this new system and add it on to the list of things you have acquired.

Develop your skills and take up new roles, so that you are polished and ready. But at the same time, provide inputs wherever you think you it is necessary. Remember you are an addition to the organization and you have all the right to provide your ideas.

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Get to Know your Co-workers

Your co-workers are the ones with whom you will lead your journey to your successful career. Know them and let them know you. Talk to them and ask them if you have any queries related to your work or the organization. Relate to what they say and compliment them.

This sort of rapport will help you gain popularity among your peers and helps in building a team. If you have plans of staying at the job for some time, you might as well look for getting on top. While nurturing such reams you need to have a good support of your peers.

Think Before you Leap

While in a new scenario, you may want to show how passionate you are and take the first chance you get. You may want to produce the evidence of your worth and how much you are are willing to work. Good point! But times like this may lead into situations that may have a totally opposite consequences.

We would love to have a good laugh at such situation in a sitcom but to have that actually happen to you, while you are the newbie wouldn't be a good start for the career of your dreams.

So whatever you do, think twice before you do it. Understand your surroundings and know about the new office and the people.

Flame your Passion with Information

You will on the edge of your seat, ready for every opportunity that comes on your way. Your passion would be appreciated too. Companies are always looking for passionate and enthusiastic freshers who have what it takes to make things happen.

But remember to back up all that passion with the right information. You must remind yourself that taking a risk is only worth it if you are very sure that the outcome will favour your side.

Many times young people, in all the vigour tend to go ahead with decisions, without the right information and it ends up being a loss for the organization.

In the very start of your career make sure you do not take such decisions. Do your research and provide your ideas with the necessary amount of facts.

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Your new career will require you to do good, but you must prepare yourself to do be at your best. In the initial stages it might sound a bit scary. But fear not, just let things fall into their own places and you will find that, with these tips, you will find yours too.

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