How to Handle your Students When They Get Bored? Find Out

By George

Boredom can be a very difficult concept to deal with for students. Though it is something that no one wants to have, everyone reaches a point where they get bored of whatever they have been up to.

Studies can get very strenuous for students. It requires continuous concentration to grasp all the concepts. Thus to keep their mind up to focus becomes more and more difficult. Boredom is not something that students develop just because they don't want to study. It is a natural reaction to things being uninteresting.


Teachers have a hard time conforming to the fact that whatever activities they conduct for the students , they do not pay attention. Well, you can't always blame the child.

How to Handle your Students When They Get Bored?

Why do Students get Bored?

Boredom can result in students who are over achievers if the pace of teaching is very slow compared to what they are used to. For many others it might just be that the subject of conversation is not interesting enough or that they find it difficult to understand the way the topic is being taught to them. You might ask the students to stop yawning in class, or to and wash their faces multiple times, but they are temporary solutions to you problems.

As teachers, one must make sure that the students in the classroom are never bored. There are few tips that you can take up and try to make your classes interesting and kick boredom out of the classroom instead of the student for a change.

What can Teachers do to Keep Students from Getting Bored?

Don't Talk Too much at once

When you are trying to explain certain concepts, you might have a lot to say and you might have prepared a lot to give for your students. But understand that the students have to sit in the same position for long hours, so just talk a lot may bore them very easily.

Rather than just telling them how a certain concept is , or how a certain process works, make them think. Make their minds work and let curiosity do the job. You will find that a lot many students would start paying attention.


While talking to students, make complex structures of sentences as simple as possible. Before you go in for you classes, just go through your plan as to what you will be putting forth the students.

Now as you go through your presentation piece by piece, try to identify whether there are any complex sentences or concepts. If any, try to simplify them then and there. Do this for all your lectures. This will help you provide a simple explanation thus, it won't fly right above the students' head.

Keep Energizing your students

Students are humans just like you. Though it is a job to teach and it is their requirement to learn, you can't rule the fact that they are children who need to be continuously energized for all the activities. The students will need to have small breaks for drinking water so they are hydrated, and to relax.

Activities like meditation may help the students to calm down and focus more. Make sure you do not stress them out to finish the portions, because in doing so they wouldn't be able to grasp any knowledge as they would be distracted throughout.

Tips for New Teachers on How to Manage Students

Use Interactive Methods

Don't stick to the age old blackboard and chalk. Bring in some new and interactive methods so that the students will be paying attention. Use a projector and screen a movie, form which the students will learn about the subject matter. Show tutorials and documentaries that will provide more information.

After such episodes, conduct a questions and answer session, where the student who asks the most questions, asks the best question etc. are given an incentive.

Creativity is Key

Creativity lets imagination loose, and there are no boundaries to imagination. The students will come up with the most surrealistic perception of the topic that you are teaching to them You will be amazed with the kind of thinking they posses. In this way, you will get to know what and how they think, which can be helpful you later, while taking classes in future.

Show Interest

Yes! We know you care about your students. But sometimes while in a hurry, you might shush one student off an then it might be other. The students might misunderstand this behavior for your disinterest in them.

Students tend to be more active and attentive in classes where they know the teacher cares for them and shows interest in them. So let them know that you are interested in the on goings of the class and the student's life. Such teachers are always reminiscence and are given an important place in a student's mind.

With these tips, your students will definetly not get bored and will be attentive in the classes to come.

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