How to Ensure Internet Safety among Children?

By George

The world of Internet has covered the entirety of the globe. Almost every person owns a smart phone, with at least a 3G connection. People are streaming movies after movies as they catch their bus or trains, and have instant messenger applications to stay connected and video calling across the globe.

With technology getting into every other minute of our life, there is a huge part of our lives, that is getting affected by it. This huge part is the community of children and students. Our obsession with social media, smart phones and high speed Internet is having a consequence of kids.

How to Ensure Internet Safety among Children?


Many children and young adults, are already addicted to the use of smart phones. Nomophobia, is a proposed name for the fear of losing contact with one's phone. More than anything, Internet has many ugly sides, along with positives like knowledge and learning experiences.

Why is Internet Safety Important?

Everyday we hear one or the other instance where the use or abuse of Internet has caused the unfavorable consequences to children and teenagers. The ongoing of such instances go without the notice of the parents, because many parents are not that well equipped with the new technology.

Thus the children, even if they are doing something wrong, will try to cover up. If parents know as much as the children do, then the children wouldn't find any reason to hide and moreover, they will feel much closer to their parents.

How can Parents help in securing Internet Safety?

Find Out More About the Internet

It might be a bit difficult for you at first. You might feel like the gadgets do not belong to you generations, and all such thoughts will come into your head. But think properly, the world is moving ahead, and things are changing. You beloved kids, are using these very gadgets, which you know have good and bad uses. So make that effort to know more about Internet.

Discuss the Rules for Using the Internet

Do not just set rules and expect your ward to follow them. This becomes an authoritative way of parenting and will cause trouble in your relationship with your child. If you follow the first point, you will know what your kids are going to do, and how long it usually takes.

Talk to them about how spending long time isn't fine, and try to make them understand this. Talk about it and come to a decision.

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Inform them about Internet

For your kid, who is as innocent as he or she can get the world of Internet is full of nice and good things. More information about their subjects, their cartoons, games and what not.

But what they do not expect is creepy stalkers and lurkers, who can cause serious damage to them and your family. Tell you child that it is not okay to share personal details. Tell them about how serious it might get and how they should always go for prevention than cure.

Have a Talk about Netizens

Tell them the reality but don't make it scary. They have to live on this world, and you making it sound like a monster may make things bad. Just inform them that there are various types of people on the Internet and that all are not real, and most importantly that all are not good.

While they surf through social media, just keep a track but don't make it look like you are there just to do that. They need their privacy as well. So talk to them instead and make the conversation fun so they actually open up to you.

Report Illegal Content

As an adult you know the difference between what a child should be conceiving and what he or she should not. When you personally come across something or your child mentions it, make sure you take the step to report it to concerned authorities.

It might save the life and innocence of some other kid in some other place, and you will be taking the right step.

Have Discussions with Fellow Parents

With Internet showering features and features, it has become irresistible to access and to use. Also, it has become a way of communication, thus the name social media. The young bunch will definitely go for it. And while there might be some adults who are up to date with these new features and applications, many will not.

If you are concerned about the distance that pans out between the young ones and their parents because of the Internet, then have discussions with the parents, where you educate them.

Talk to each other about new features and applications. Teach each other how to use it, all the hacks that exist in each application or website and how it can be harmful for kids.

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Internet is a beautiful invention, just like very other invention that revolutionized our lives. But remember that everything, from wheel, to electricity to gunpowder has its positives and negatives.

It is the responsibility of the parents to make sure that their children are safe from the dark side of the Internet.

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