How Can Students Make Holidays Useful?

By George

Everybody loves a long holiday. Spotting a couple of festivals fall before or after a weekend on a calendar would definitely bring smiles on the gloomy faces. And as per this year's calendar, we have some long days of holidays coming up.


Holidays are when even parents would give their children some space to spend time the way they want. They can go out and play, watch TV shows or read books. All things said holidays are a great time. But one must also remember that though during holidays one can be totally free, one can also be productive.

How Can Students Make Holidays Useful?

Being productive doesn't mean finishing your assignments, practicing your essays and rereading lessons, though that might also be fun for some people. Being productive is using your time for activities which might help you in the future. Activities, which you couldn't go ahead with because of studies in the first place.

So here are a few things that you can take up during your holidays:

Internships and Scholarships

During the long holidays, which means almost 10-15 days the students can find internships in areas that they are interested in. Many organizations provide internship for such short period if you have a letter of recommendation from your institution.

If finding an internship for that period is not possible, you can definitely use the time to find out various scholarships that you can apply for. Finding scholarships that you can apply for can be difficult during your usual school/college hours.

Take time and find these scholarships and apply for them right away if you are eligible.

Make Changes on your Resume

A resume and a CV are very important for any individual. Once you are out of your institution, you will be required to show them wherever you apply. There can be many things that you can add onto your Resume and CV.

Know the difference between Resume and Curriculum Vitae (CV)Know the difference between Resume and Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Add up all the activities you took part in, the many conferences, volunteering and much more. Also if you are planning for a scholarship, these things matter a lot, so you can take your time and give your resume a totally new look.

Binge Watch Documentaries

We know what you might say, "Documentaries are boring!" Well, they are not. If you like a specific area, say films, you can just Google for some documentaries on the same and bingo! You will be left mesmerized with the amount of knowledge that you will acquire.

Over the time, you can find new sources and watch documentaries related to new topics. It will only help you widen your horizon.

Learn a New Language

learning a language can be so much fun. You will be able to open a totally new world, with many more songs, books, and movies to hog on. Also, being multilingual can add on to your personality and your CV, which will strengthen your prospects of getting selected for a top university or a company.

Should Students Take Foreign Language Course? 10 Tips To Guide You Should Students Take Foreign Language Course? 10 Tips To Guide You

Furthermore, countries like Germany require all the students to know some basic level of their native language. If you get hold of one of those languages, you might open doors to a bright new future.

Exercise and Work Out

All of have been there, making false promises about waking up at six and hitting the gym. Exercise and working out is beneficial for student's health. It also helps one to be fit and this be confident about themselves.

During school hours, continuing a regime becomes difficult. The pain after starting the exercise makes the whole day at school or college difficult. So during holidays, one can definitely take up such a task without being afraid about anything. So by the time holidays end, you will have a routine of your own.

Volunteer for a Cause

Many students take up volunteer work because it adds up on their report cards or CVs. Many take this up to help the society. Either way, your holidays can be made productive if you help others. You can help in an NGO or a pet shelter.

There is a lot you, as a student can do when it comes to volunteering in various areas. So make it a point that you do something, for yourself and for the society.

Fellowships: A New Learning ExperienceFellowships: A New Learning Experience

Know your City

This is one task that might make the students hit the roads. Everyone dreams of going on small trips every once in a while as a long holiday comes. Places like Goa, Gokarna, Pondicherry are part of such plans that college students summon up during their conversations.

 </a></strong><a class=Top 5 Career Opportunities in Travelling" title=" Top 5 Career Opportunities in Travelling" /> Top 5 Career Opportunities in Travelling

But all of us know how that turns out. Instead, travel around the city you live in. Find the soul of the city and follow it. Take some time off at the edge of some fort watching the sunset, or go into a busy market with all gew-gaws surrounding you.

You can photograph, record, write or sketch these instances, but if you are a lover of art, you might just find yourself in the chase.

So now that you have some clarity on what to do during those few days of holiday, get ready and start planning already!

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