Getting a New Internship? Check Out These 8 Tips

By George

Internships have become the new go to thing right after graduation. The students of this generation have understood how experience is as important as education. Many students are taking up this experience of working in big companies, while learning the basics and polishing their resume.

The age old tradition of bachelors followed up by masters and then a job is being challenged. Youngsters today are looking for fast paced work environment that helps in developing their skill set and talents.

Getting a New Internship? Check Out These 8 Tips


Why is Internship important?

An internship takes you out of the classroom and puts you in the middle of the real deal. You will watch stocks fall, you will be helping out while a breaking news is about about to be announced and you will be a lot more than just observing.

Each section of occupation, based on their nature have different approaches. Journalism will be different from health care, and finance will be different from advertising.

What an intern will be learning is how to be in an office or a work area. There will also be a lot to learn about the job.

These things will later help you not only to get a job, but to do it the right way.

A New Internship?

Now while everything does sound very exciting, the first time you enter into an office, especially for you interview maybe a bit frightening. This is what keeps many students to not go for an internship. The first time is always difficult. We agree!

But be not afraid. We have few tips for you that will help you ace that new internship.

Know the Organization

Even before you start the internship, find out the website of the company and read up all about them. When you join a a new organization it is important for you to know it.

You can use certain information in your interview and show how your objectives lies with that of the organization's, which is of great importance for them.

Establish a Good Rapport

This has to be on the top of your list of priorities. You will have to meet everyone and be nice to them. Remember this is your foundation to the great career that you have been dreaming of since forever. So create a good rapport and be professional in your talks.

Smile and greet people as you meet them again and strike up a conversation if you find something similar. Some people may look intimidating, so just give some time and approach as per your comfort, but do not ignore anyone and walk off.

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Have your Own Goals

You will be given a list of things to do by your boss. Do them religiously and try not to miss anything. That's important. But, it would really pump up your personality and demeanor at your internship if you set your own personal goals and strive to achieve them.

This shows perseverance and a positive outlook on work. You may even establish your chances of getting a permanent job in the future.

Read Up

While you enter into that new universe, you may a guide to help you out. Each field is different from other and the system, management and the way things happen differs.

So find the time, and read up magazines and documents that will give you more information on strategies and data that are used by various companies and sections similar to yours.

You will know a great deal about completion, current trends, market value and other important aspects which you can put into use in your internship.

Get ready for any work!

Well of course you will be helping out the big people, do the simpler and smaller tasks, but at some point you may find yourself making coffee, sharpening pencils, making notes for a senior or filling paperwork. Do not think you are being demeaned. Understand the dignity of every small job and take each and every task as a special one. So be ready for for all the basic level work at your organization.

Be Energetic

No one expects an Intern to be lousy and sleepy. Interns have to bring in te enthusiasm into their team and the company. The young students will contain many more ideas, than people who have been working for ages.

So bring those ideas forward and be strong and ready for your work. Willingness to do your job and high energy helps to maintain a good personality among your peers.

Ask and You shall receive

Though it is usually believed that an intern asking questions may not go well with the seniors, but it is actually quite the opposite. You have been hired by an organization not to just take orders, but to see if they can find any talents among the new batch. So ask questions.

But, here is what you need to keep in mind, you have to ask sensible questions. Questions that will lead the conversation forward to a decision or actually help in the working of the company. You can't expect your seniors to answer how cubicles are there in the office, or stuff like that right?

So now you know what you have got to do to earn a badge of respect as you enter your new internship. So stay calm and stay strong as you make another milestone in your career!

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