8 Important Things That Can Help Women In Marketing Succeed

By Lekhaka

Indeed, there is no field today where women have not established their presence. In each of these fields, they have not just fared well but have also come to walk shoulder to shoulder with that of their male counterparts. Indeed, all of us will agree that the challenges in the workplace are more for women than men. In such a situation, mere survival is difficult and we see women making great strides and rising to roles of leadership. There is a lot to learn from such women who have managed to push glass ceilings and rise through all heights of professional achievement.


Now it has been seen that there are a set of things that all successful women in marketing have in common. Successful women in this field have affirmed that these 8 tips have helped them survive all the tides of professional struggles and make their mark in a field that was dominated by men till a few decades ago.

Women In Marketing

In this article, we bring to you 8 such tips that will set you on the path of professional success and achievement.

1. Invest In Self-assessment

As women, we often end up thinking too low of ourselves. If you want to rise to newer heights of professional glory, you must take time out of your busy schedule and invest some time for self-assessment. Try to be as impartial as possible while assessing your abilities. This will make you realise where you stand and boost your morale.

Similarly, if you have been over-confident of your skill set, a through self-assessment will help stay grounded. In either case, this activity will put you on the track to professional success.

2. Invest In Networking

As women, we do not spend that much time in networking as that of our male counterparts. Do not make this mistake. Be it through connections in professional sites like LinkedIn or through social meetings and parties, try to give your best at networking.

Understand that mere courtesy on your part and a genuine interest to know what's happening in the life of the other person is what will take you places in your professional life.

3. State Your Demands

If you feel that you are not being given your due, make sure that you voice your opinion. Irrespective of whether it is the choice of domain in question or your project choice, if you feel that your male counterparts are being given leverage over you, make sure that you bring the same to the notice of the appropriate authorities.

4. Find A Mentor

This generation of women are lucky in the respect that they have a couple of generations of working women before them. It is a good idea to find someone like that to look up to and seek professional advice as and when needed.

However, before you select someone as your mentor, please make sure that the person has your best interests in mind and shall not use you as a pawn to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Also, realise that this person need not necessarily be a woman. You may have a male mentor as well if you deem it fit that way.

5. Trust Your Gut Feeling

There will be times in your career when you will have a strong gut feeling about doing (or not doing) any particular thing. You may not have any technical explanation for the same, but you just do not get the right vibes. At such times, it is important to listen to your gut feelings.

Understand that women have very strong intuition and having faith in that will take you places, both in your professional life and otherwise.

6. Support Other Women

The world of marketing is a gregarious one and if you want to survive here, you cannot do it on your own. Since you will end up needing the help of other people at some point or the other, the smart thing for you to do would be to start off the chain by helping other women.

That way you will not just feel good about what you do but you will also ensure that the other person feels indebted to you. This will make her help you when you need it and in turn pave the way for a healthy professional relationship.

7. Do Not Stop Learning

With your gut feeling giving you an edge, the only thing that will stand by you at all times is your knowledge. If you have been in the profession for quite some time, chances are that the things that you had learnt in college are obsolete now. Make special efforts to continue your learning even when you are working. Try to go for some online or part-time courses to learn about the latest trends in your field of work. This is something that will help you get an edge over your peers.

8. Market Yourself

Understand that no one will value you if you do not value yourself. While humility is often seen as a good quality, if you want to survive in the world of marketing, the first thing that you need to market is yourself. Treat yourself as a brand and then do everything possible to improve your brand value.

However, learn the art of doing so subtly so that you do not come across as someone who is 'all talk and no work'.

No matter what your chosen career path is, do not expect it to be a bed of roses. Understand that your luck will only take you to a certain level and beyond that, it will only be a lonely walk. At that point, it is only your subject knowledge and your faith in yourself and your abilities that will be your guiding light.

Hence, it is wise on your part to invest in those and then no one can stop you from reaching the pinnacle of professional success.

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