6 Tips for Students to Improve Handwriting skills

By George

Handwriting is a very important part of education.Teachers have tried their level best to make the students understand to not make their 'h' and 'n' look like each other. Parents have complained many times of how students write in a script they do not understand.


Why is a 'good' handwriting required?

One might wonder why is everyone going after the 'good' handwriting. One reason is that better handwriting means, it will be readable. Earlier, life wasn't as digital as it is now. People used writing as a means of communication. To pass on information, while writing letters, on important documents and so on. This is the most rational reason out of many others.

6 Tips for Students to Improve Handwriting skills

We may not need good handwriting skills like our parents or grandparents to send letters, but we do write examinations, where handwriting does matter a lot. In Board examinations and other public examination, where essays are to be written, handwriting can play a pivotal role.

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Here are few tips that students can use to develop their handwriting:

Don't be Under Pressure

Many students put too much pressure on their pen or pencil. This makes it difficult for them to focus on their handwriting. Most of them try doing this with the hope of making their handwriting better. Little do they know that this will only cause the writing to look worse. So you need to hold the pencil firmly, but not put too much pressure. Unless you want to break some pencils, that is.

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Have a Proper Grip

The way one holds their pencil or pen has a lot to do with how their handwriting comes out. Hold it against the end of your thumb and index finger. Well, of course, each person has their own level of comfort with the way they write. But the proper way of holding and grip provides better handwriting.

Improve Motor Abilities

One thing that we can surely do about improving the handwriting is by improving our motor abilities. Motions that requires brain, nervous system and muscles to work together. How to improve the motor ability? Well there are many activities that you can take up:

  • Completing Puzzles
  • Paper crafts
  • Sewing
  • Button threading
  • Beading

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Focus on Speed and Clarity at the Same Time

Speed is helpful while taking notes, and clarity is, of course, a necessity. But one should also focus on developing these two, at the same time. This helps the student to pick up the skills as early as possible. Some students focus on the speed and ruin the legibility of what they write. While some do it the other way round.

Keep those lines connected

Well, this is of course for those who are practicing to ace at cursive writing. Keeping a connection between the letters in a word is important. While in a hurry, students tend to lose this connection to speed up and finish the writing. To achieve perfect cursive writing, one must remember to keep the letters of a word connected.


Doodling can help a student to increase the beauty of their handwriting. It relaxes the student's mind and improves focus and concentration. As the pen on the paper practice is continued, the student becomes comfortable with the use of a pencil or pen for a longer duration.

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Along with the tips, we would like to bust some myths for you:

It doesn't matter which hand you use, your handwriting doesn't depend on the choice of hand. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Handwriting doesn't depend on the gender. The general stereotypes, like girls, have better handwriting than boys are thus baseless.

Dysgraphia is the difficulty with motor skills, which can affect your handwriting. Some students may have this, and if they face disturbance in writing, teachers and parents should help them get trained. Rather than scolding them, they should focus on supporting and spreading awareness.

Though it is an important aspect, Handwriting must not be so pushed that it disturbs the students. Teachers and Parents have to make sure that the student does not feel forced.

So now that you know what it takes to win that Handwriting competition, what are you waiting for?

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