6 things a teacher should never say to a student

6 things a teacher should never say to a student

Teachers want success for all of their students. But sometimes even the best teacher can make simple mistakes that can hamper a students' motivation. It is very important for teachers to be aware of their own actions and words to avoid the following mistakes that could make huge differences to a student:


Praising students for completing tasks with ease
Some students can complete tasks with ease. Praising them for their work could create a situation where they will be less likely to try new tasks. Praising students for accomplishing tasks with less effort, could imply that they need not struggle or put in more effort to be successful. Students need to push beyond their comfort zone in order to face challenges in the future. Kids who get things easily may give up, get frustrated, or even cheat during difficult times. Instead, praising the effort of a student, could motivate him/her to put more efforts into future tasks.

Comparing kids to each other
Making a comparison between kids could end up with the child being hurt and resentful. Students observe who they think is the teachers favourite student. They might not confess this, but they will react and channelise their efforts based on these assumptions. Instead of doing a comparison, it is best if the teacher pinpoints the particular students who are fidgeting. Focusing on the getting the kid on track can be helpful.

Do not judge students harshly
If a student or any kid senses that the adults or teachers are judging him/her harshly, these kids tend to become stubborn, rebel or close themselves off. A better approach can be to separate the behaviour from the person. Try talking to your students to affirm their personality. Make your students understand that he/she is capable to participate in tasks. As a good teacher you must be understanding and motivating.

Making fun of your students' bad grade
Calling out a students mistake may seem funny, but this could backfire. The student may seem to take it easy, the class may be entertained but ultimately you would have destroyed your relationship with that student and his motivation. Kids will not admit if your jokes hurt, but students tend to work harder for teachers who treat them with respect. Advertising poor grades of a student can be embarrassing.

Losing temper and yelling at your students
If you do this, you have lost your students. You may make them quiet, but they feel humiliated and belittled. Kids expect to be safe and respected. You need not accept their bad behaviour, you can always choose a language that is respectful rather humiliating or belittling them.

Do not become a dictator
Ruling with an iron fist is a sure way to get kids to shut down but you might come off as a dictator. Kids may act as you want but they no longer will see you as a person who respects them. Kids may also look for ways to get some power back. Treat them with respect and answer them when you can. If not choose nice ways of explaining to them.

These things will help a teacher to successfully work alongside students and to develop trusting relationships that helps students connect their learning to their goals in a way that motivates them from within.

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