5 Tips for Students for Participating in College Fests

By George

The first quarter of the academic is almost going to end within a month. Most of the colleges have started with all the co-curricular activities for this semester. Be it departmental fests or inter-collegiate fests, colleges and the students are working hard to push the limits.


In such an environment, one will always see a typical kind of a student, or a group of students. The freshers, the new addition to the department and the student community. These students have a lot of expectations and excitement wrapped up and ready.

College Fests are a really good place for a good start in college. Sure, academics is equally important, but as student you will want to to take part in competitions and show off a bit of your skills. You can establish a totally new personality and start anew if that's what you have been wondering.

5 Tips for Students for Participating in Fests

This is also your chance to find a new talent, something that you are really good at it, but never knew you could. You'd be surprised to know the many events that are organized and you'd be surprised to find out how good you are at it.

So here are a few tips that will surely help you succeed in doing your best at these College fests:

Do not be Afraid

Yes its true, you might find the whole new environment as very overwhelming. You may find it very difficult to get your courage together and go ahead. But do not think much, this happens with almost everyone. In a anew place, everyone takes time to settle.

  • Take the first step forward if you get an opportunity
  • Observe how things are done and try to follow it
  • Approach the people who are incharge and talk to them
  • Understand what you will be required to do

Doing so you will be clear on what you will have to do, so there is no need to fear anyone or anything.

Practice and Prepare

Whatever event it might be that you are taking part in, make sure you are ready for it. If you are going for the first time make sure you understand everything that will be expected of you.

  • If it is an event where you are to perform, like Singing, Dance etc. be fully prepared and make sure you have all the equipments and props with you.
  • If the event is like Quiz, find out what the area of focus will be and prepare for at least three days before.
  • If your event is something like extempore, and you have to come up with creative ideas on the spot, make sure you are a quick thinker.

You get the idea. Even if you were informed late and you have to go in an hour before and try to find out what your event will be and be mentally prepared.

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Mind over Matter

Many students face a situation, where they feel like they might fall ill, or they feel uncomfortable doing a task, while they may be under publics' eye or while being judged. Situations like these are very normal when you are doing something for the first time.

  • Before you go in for your performance or event, try to calm down.
  • Do some deep breathing, which will relax your mind.
  • Keep just one thought in your mind that you have to finish what you have started
  • Never give up when you have signed up for an event.

Talk to Your Seniors

Your seniors will have experience in the events that are organized. They might have even organized fests before. So keep a close contact with them and try observing how they handle situations. After all experience is the best teacher. You will learn a lot from them.

  • Ask them how they got into various events.
  • Try finding some tricks or hacks from them that will help you.
  • Tell them if you are interested in something, this might help you in future.

Not just for participating in activities, keeping a good rapport with seniors is always helpful when you are in college.

Innovation is the Key

One thing that you need to set in your head is that, every event, competition and fest will be on a keen lookout for participants with new ideas. Wherever you might go, people will always be attracted towards novel ideas. One can't push creativity at their wish but can develop it over time.

  • Keep reading or surfing the Internet about new things, these can be songs, videos, art, books anything.
  • Try to be innovative in small activities like in a class. Doing so you will put this act into your behavior.
  • Keep participating in activities so that you will need to come up with new ideas.
  • Always have an emergency kit of creativity, maybe few brushed and paint, or like a diary and pen ready with you always.

Though fests and activities are very important, one must also understand that you shouldn't be forced into anything that you don't like. There is nothing wrong in trying new things, but if you do not like participating, it is totally fine to back down and be supportive of your friends who are doing great.

So now you know how to ace at all those fests and events that are lined up. So start preparing already!

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