5 Tips for Students to Improve Concentration

By George

Students have tight schedules. There are many subjects to cover and each subject comes with some sort of assignment for the day. Then there are the usual tests. Along with studies, students take part in curricular and co-curricular activities. So focus must be built on those aspects as well.


When a child is put under so much pressure, he or she tends to lose concentration. With many deadlines to meet and events to prepare for, the child might get anxious. Further if because of this if he or she loses on sleep and doesn't keep up the health, they tend to fall behind.

5 Tips for Students to Improve Concentration

We see this happening to many students. Their talents don't sharpen up as time goes, because they are not able to concentrate properly on the studies.

Why is Concentration important for a student?

  • It gathers and strengthens intuition.
  • Helps in filtering out distracting thoughts.
  • Provides peace of mind.
  • Helps in efficient working.
  • Aids in setting and achieving of goals.

Now that we know how concentration can be a very important for students, let us have a look at few tips that will help us improve concentration:

Identify Your Method of Learning

Learning is a process that involves all your senses. Some students might have an upper hand in some specific sense of learning. There are various ways in which students can learn:

Visual Learning

For students who learn better visually, the information should be provided for them to see. This should be simple and made into the kind where they can easily understand. Graphs, info-graphics and films can be used.


Auditory learning takes place when the process involves the information being given in the form of sound. Tapes, recordings etc. can be used for this form.

Kinesthetic learning

Some students have the ability to understand the concepts as they touch and feel. Practical application of topics can be learned in this form of learning. Making models and learning by using them is an example of this.

Division of Task into Units

Sometimes the task that is assigned to a student can be too much for them to handle. Concentration in such a scenario would be difficult for the child. Such tasks should be broken down into smaller tasks. Thus one by one, the process is completed. This would provide less pressure and the student would be able to finish the whole thing. Concentration would be on one specific sub task so he or she needn't worry about completion of the whole process.

Keep Up those Routines

Keeping up routines are very important. Once the student gets used to a routine, they will have to spend less time on planning. Routines make sure that things happen on time. It helps to provide stability and keeps up important aspects like responsibility and punctuality. Concentration increases as the body will be programed to work in a certain manner.

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Take a Break!

Breaks and Naps are as important as studies. A student needs to take a break once in a while to rejuvenate and get refreshed. Overworking can lead to serious exhaustion which will stop the student from working more. If a student studies for 45 minutes, he or she must take a break of 10-15 minutes after that. 8 hours of sleep for students is a must and a nap after school or college for 20-40 minutes will make your mind calm and ready to concentrate on more activities.


It is a known fact that meditation will lead to a sound mind. Taking a few minutes in the morning or evening, away from any noise and concentrating on your breathing can open your window of mind to a more efficient life. Studies will become easier to get through and nothing will look like an overload. Just like how body needs exercise, mind needs its fair share of workout as well. Meditation helps to maintain mental fitness and increases concentration.

Exercise and Play

Some might say that taking a break is enough. They wonder why Physical excercise is important for students.Taking a break and getting some exercise are two things. Exercise and playing sports or games, helps in development of physical and mental health. Doing so the students' ability to focus on situations increases. Once in a while if the student gets to physically exercise, one can start feeling the change. There will be more circulation of blood to the entire body. They will be fresh and ready to grasp more knowledge.

Keep Practicing all of the above-mentioned

Concentration is something that you develop over a period of time. You can't just wake up one fine morning and decide to be super concentrated in all your activities. It is something that you cultivate and keep up. So make sure that you live by all the tips that are mentioned above. If you want to keep track of how well your concentration skills have improved, you can keep a tab, preparing a check list, wherein every time your mind wanders off you can put a tick mark. You will start noticing that your mind becomes more focused and you will also know about how often you get distracted.

One must decide to improve their concentration skills. It is the desire to be more focused that is most required.

So start focusing on these tips and improve your concentration.

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