Top 55 Items For International Students To Buy On This Black Friday

Black Friday is followed by Thanksgiving Day, which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States of America (USA). Since 1952, the day after Thanksgiving has been regarded as Black Day, which is considered as the kick-starting of America's Christmas shopping season. The term ''Black Friday'' became famous in recent decades. Thanks to digital media and globalisation.

International students who are witnessing the first Black Friday in the USA, Canada and other student-countries cannot sit in the university dorm when the stores slash the prices. Black Friday is the best occasion to grab all the required accessories and appliances you have missed in the home country because of the baggage restriction. We have listed the top items and accessories you can buy on Black Friday for a happy stay.


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Black Friday: Winter

Black Friday: Winter

Winters are extremely cold and long in the United States and Canada. The winters start in November and last till May. Many student cities in the USA record less than 10 degree Celsius. Hence, these items are extremely useful for students during their stay in the US.


2. Hoodies

3. Sweatshirt

4. Blankets

5. Duvet

6. Coats

7. Gloves

8. Sports Clothing

9. Pair of shoes

10. Hat

11. Socks

12. Undergarments

13. Dresses

Black Friday: Gadgets

Black Friday: Gadgets

Gadgets became an important part of our daily life and extremely useful for international students. We advise students to buy the gadgets depending upon their requirement. It is also suggested to consider the electronic devices only when you found the best deal.

14. Cell Phone

15. Laptop

16. Headphones

17. Adapter

18. USB

19. E-Book

20. Digital Camera

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Black Friday: Personal And Toiletries Items

Black Friday: Personal And Toiletries Items

Personal hygiene is very important during your stay. No matter where you stay, the below items are essential.


22. Nail Clipper

23. Mirror

24. Toothbrush

25. Hair gel

26. Blades

27. Shaving lotion

28. Hairbrush

29. Cosmetics

30. Hair dryer

Black Friday: Household Items

Black Friday: Household Items

The household items are essential in university dorms or a private room.

31. Reading Lamp

32. Shoe Brush

33. Air freshener

34. Iron

35. Skincare creams

36. Hairbrush

37. Towel

Black Friday: Kitchen Items

Black Friday: Kitchen Items

Most of the international students prefer to stay independently in a private apartment. Hence, they need to cook on their own. If you stay in the university dorms, check your college's rules about these first!

38. Plates

39. Cups

40. Spoons

41. Knives

42. Dishwashing detergent

Black Friday: Other Accessories

Black Friday: Other Accessories

We have listed some accessories you must have during your stay.

43. A personal dairy

44. Stationery items (pen, pencil, eraser, etc.)

45. Laundry bag

46. Additional seating (such as a folding chair)

47. Clothes hangers

48. Mini first-aid kit

49. Storage bins

50. Bulletin board

51. Water filter pitcher

52. Extension cords

53. Trash bags

54. Yoga mat

55. Insulated water bottle

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