How to Stop Procrastination?

By George

Every student has faced the dreadful state of procrastination, at least once in their student life. It is inevitable and follows each of us, even if we try our level best to stay on top of the game. Though there might be some students who have their eyes on deadlines all the time, we can agree that a slip is always possible.

Procrastination, can be noted to be one the top reasons for students to fall back in their studies. But it is not just studies that are affected by procrastination. A student might miss on many things like participation in co-curricular activities, losing out on rich experiences like study tours and much more.

How to Stop Procrastination?


The most important part of procrastination is when one does it and stays away from homework and assignments. The students tend to pile up all the things that they have to do. The "I'll do it tomorrows" turn to "I'll do it at night" and it becomes "I'll do it in the morning".

By the time you finally do it, the deadline is way past you and you keep cribbing about it and promise yourself that you will definitely do things right the next time. But everyone knows how that turns out.

What is Procrastination?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines procrastination as 'to put off intentionally and habitually.' Habitually is the key word here. If a student is putting something off once in a blue moon night, that wouldn't be procrastination. But continuing it will definitely become an act of procrastination.

"Procrastination is something which students must avoid in their lives. But still we continue to do it as it suits with our comfort for the present situation. Some are habituated in delaying or postponing our school or college assignments. The main cause is laziness and to avoid procrastination one must avoid laziness." says Jesna Philip, a student of M.A. Public Policy from Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru.

How is Procrastination bad?

  • Many studies show that continuous act of procrastination affects your grades in a very bad.
  • Procrastinating events will end up hurting your emotional state.
  • Procrastination can have a bad effect on your memory, as it makes memory work harder.
  • You will be losing a lot of time doing nothing.
  • Procrastination will affect you self esteem and lower it.
  • It is seen that people who procrastinate, tend to make poorer decisions.

So you see, how fatal the act of procrastination is for you. Well, fret not. Here we have some pointers that will help you understand procrastination and how to make it stop and how you can have an active student life.

Remove Those Distractions

So you have a test to prepare for and you sit down to finally do it. But then there is your phone, with thousands of doors to millions of worlds. Then there are you friends, TV and many more distractions.

So when you are going to do something, remove these distractions. Before you start, make sure there is no way any of these potent distractions will make entry until you finish your job.

Tasks- Break 'em Down

Yes! Calculate on how long you will require to finish the job. Then break the whole task down to smaller tasks, and finish it one by one. Keep small breaks between these small tasks, in which you can relax and rejuvenate but make sure you return back into finishing your task.


It might sound like a very difficult thing to do, but here is what you do. You take a moment off, close your eyes and take a deep breath and ask your self what is important at the moment.

You will realize that the tasks that are impending need you attention, rather than watching cat videos. So listen to yourself, because how much you try, unless you decide no one can help you.

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Create your own Deadlines

Even though you will be given deadlines by your teachers, you need to come up with your own deadlines. You need to realize how it will help you finish your tasks before time.

Start small, and try it for small and easier tasks and then move over to bigger tasks. While doing so, you will be finishing your tasks before the actual deadlines and you will have some extra time for relaxation.


This is a very important thing to do, and you can do it any time. You sure have heard of the phrase 'Keep Dreaming', this is somewhat similar. You need, once in a while envision what you want.

It is found to be a really good motivation and helps in achieving targets. When you envision a situation, you are giving more power to that thought and one step being closer to it actually happening.

Develop and Find your learning Style

Each person has their own way with studying. Some students are great with grasping the information during classes, while some like to write and memorize. There are various styles.

Try various types of styles, and find out which is suitable for you. You can even develop your own way of studying, given its actually helping you to learn and use it extensively.

Be Firm with Your Decision

The decision to stop procrastinating is what you should stick to. You should make sure that you don't give up, or that you start procrastinating while you are trying to stop procrastinating. Take help of your friends and family and make sure you don't lose your motivation.

Following these tips you will definitely be closer to stop procrastinating, and if you continue with a strong mind you might even leave it behind.

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