What Is The Best Time To Study? Know Yours!

By Malavikka

Some say that early morning hours is the best to study while some others say that late night can get longer hours of study. So which is the right time to study and why? Truth is that there is no right and wrong time to study because everybody's routine is different even though the biological clock is almost the same with sleep and food habits. Why does this happen? It happens because of the activities that different people do.


Some people wake up early and take a brisk walk, finish their chores and fall asleep early in the night. On the other hand some people just cant wake up, laze even after waking and as the day proceeds become active. So, it is wrong to use one formula for everyone. Here are different times of the day that is suitable for studying to help you analyse your best time to study.

What Is The Best Time To Study? Know Yours!

Early morning

Early morning studying is recommended by most people as your mind is clear of pre-occupied thoughts and grasps quickly that is freshly taken in.

Characteristics of early birds:

  • Sleep early and have a good 8 hours sleep
  • Do not get influenced much by the cold or hot weather outside
  • Can wake up with enthusiasm in the morning, without reluctance
  • Feel refreshed and ready to start work after brushing and a cup of coffee

Mid morning

Although early morning means refreshed mind, for some others, a conducive set up comes only after bath and food. The time between 11 am and 1 pm, although is a little bit dry with regards to Indian weather, if your breakfast timing is set to 10 am, then, 11 am could be your time as you will not get hungry soon after starting to study and can break for lunch soon in a couple of hours, so that your attention span can be best utilised in the short duration.

Characteristics of mid morning students:

  • Shower and breakfast makes a good pair for their focus
  • Attention span is limited to short duration
  • Dry weather does not cause bad mood
  • Likes morning sun rays


Most of them prefer to doze off at day break because of a few reasons such as severe weather and heavy lunch. So this might not be an ideal time to study for a majority of them. However, for those who wake up at 11 and eat at 12, starting at 2 might not be a bad idea because thats when their day starts. Even if you wake up early but prefer to laze around till mid-day, you have had good share of your fun and can start with a happy mind

Characteristics of a mid-day students

  • Wake up late
  • Have brunch
  • Stays at a place where lighting and temperature could be adjusted
  • Harsh sunlight does not cause sleep


This is the time that the morning people resort for their second round of studying, as some of them would have had their share of afternoon nap already. Also, for others, evening is the time when the climate is subtle and inviting to stay brisk and calm. Cashing in the time between 4 pm and 6 pm can get you best results if you determine to stay focused.

Characteristics of evening students:

  • Enjoy subtle climate
  • Plans their study schedule smartly (since they resort to the latter half of the day, after which they cannot make up much if there is time crunch)
  • Has right amount of sleep during day and night
  • Can't wake up too early or sleep too late


After early bird students, most others fall in the night category as studying in the day time can happen only if you are on holiday. Night time is serene and peaceful without the usual disturbances like the honking of vehicles from bustling street or the factory machines that keep hurting the ears during the day. Another advantage of studying in the night is that you have all night to prepare! Even if you slow down in the middle, you can make it up during the other hours.

Characteristics of night students:

  • Can't wake up early morning
  • Still air induces calmness and clears the brain
  • Has light dinner
  • Feels safe about ample time to study

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