Social Media: For Better Learning Methods and Career Opportunities

By George

Social Media has become an integral part of our daily lives. For the past two decades, continuous changes in the areas of the Internet, gadgets, and user-interfaces have concluded in the establishment of social media. Our lives have taken a new upgrade and on phones, tablets, and screens, society has reformed with new frameworks.


Social Media is a system of computer-based sharing and receiving of information. The user has become the creator and the consumer of the content, which can be shared on multiple platforms.

Social Media for learning methods

With the ever rising connectivity, the attractive interface and multiple formats of usage, social media has become the rage amongst children and adolescents. Applications that are designed for online socializing, instant messaging, sharing of posts and augmented reality games, have made the social media platforms a basic need for the young generation of the urban and semi-urban population.

The problem arises when parents and teachers find that these social media platforms can be a hindrance for school going children and college going youth. Many adults have a belief that mobile phones, technological gadgets, social media, on the whole, have a bad effect on health, studies and can lead productivity to stop.

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But just like every other resource that we have, even Social Media has its pros and Cons. Though it might be widely known to be used for general socializing and playing games, Social Media can actually help the students out in multiple ways.

Here are some methods that a student can use Social Media for better learning purposes:

Study Groups

What is it?

Group feature on Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram help the students to discuss various topics, exchange pictures of notes, forward important announcements and clarify their doubts.

How is it helpful?

This can be very helpful during the examination days when going over to another friend's house will be time-consuming. Asking a doubt on the group will not only get you a reply but provide credibility, as multiple people will be in the group. Some groups can have teachers added on to them.

Watching educational videos

What is it?

Online streaming has become a part of our lives, and in terms of education, there are thousands of channels like YouTube and Vimeo providing information in very simple and attractive manner, which the students can watch from and learn.

How is it helpful?

Many times, the concept may not be understood in the class and might remain as question. Watching these videos will provide clarity as they accessible in various languages and presented in simple ways.

Micro-blogging sites

What is it?

Microblogging sites like Twitter are platforms, where information is sent and received but with minimal content. Discussions can be started over in these platforms, and not just your own group, but other students, teachers, and parents can be part of the discussion.

How is it helpful?

There will be a novelty to the answers for the questions and doubts, and there will be accessibility to additional knowledge. Quick announcements and live classes are also facilities that can be obtained.

Blogging the notes

What is it?

Various websites provide the facility to start up one's own blog. Students who have prepared their notes can put it up on their blogs, and thus help out other students.

How is it helpful?

Helping another person will somehow end in helping oneself. Discussions on the notes and other concepts can be carried on the blog, and it can be shared on various platforms as well.

Curate relevant Topics

What is it?

Various websites like and mobile applications like Quora and Pinterest provide a feature to discover new information. Students can definitely use this feature to find out more information about their subjects and topics.

How is it helpful?

Students will be exposed to more than just what is taught in class and can explore various aspects of the subject.

Still think that social media is a bane? I bet you don't.

Social Media for learning methods

Students who are really good at Social Media have a very bright future ahead. There are various career opportunities coming every day that focuses on Social Media Skills. Some of these are:

Social Media Marketing

One has to use their networking skills to increase their brand's exposure among the public by using convincing content, which will persuade them to share it to their networks.

Social Media Optimization

SMO is the building of strategies to attract more visitors to one's application or websites. This can be done by promotion through sharing, tweeting and posting or by adding social media links to the content.

Enterprise Social Networking

The idea is to bring professionals who have a similar likeness for business events and activities. Social networking in such works to keep a close network of individuals who work in the same field, and thus will have knowledge about what's happening in that area.

Social Media Policies

This area deals with making sure that an employee's posts or share or tweets don't harm the reputation of the firm. For doing so certain appropriate regulations are to be developed, and Social Media Policy deals with an understanding of such situations and generating such policies for the company.

With many opportunities like these, we can safely say that a tight grip on your phone may actually help you build your future.

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