Happy World Teachers' Day: 6 Lessons to Learn from Our Teachers

Teachers have always been the inspiration for the young students. Right after the parents, we think of them as the closest elders. They help us in the need of the hour and guide us through our lives.

All of us have that one favorite teacher who has always motivated us. We might have made some really big mistakes, but they help us understand where we went wrong and in making things right. Along with providing us education, they focus their energy on developing good people and righteous citizens out of us.


Why India Celebrate Teachers' Day On 5th September?

What is World Teachers' day?

October 5, is celebrated as World Teachers' day all around the world. The day is also called as International Teachers' day. The day was declared as World Teachers' day by United Nations in 1994. The step was taken to celebrate the conduction of an intergovernmental conference that by UNESCO in Paris focusing on the state of teachers.

Happy World Teachers' Day!

People all over the world celebrate this day by spreading awareness about teachers, talking about the issues that teachers and by making sure that the necessary respect is given to the teachers.

On this special day, we need to accept how much difference the teachers make in our lives. Here are a few lessons that every teacher teaches or has taught their students.

Be Anything You Want To Be

Surely choosing to become a teacher, in a world where many focus on becoming rocket scientists, actors, models, engineers are not easy. The thing with teaching is, even though it is a profession that is required in every profession, which means that every area requires teaching, tutoring, and training and therefore teachers.

Thus, even if you love fashion designing, you can go for it and you can pursue your passion for teaching. Teaching will never move you from your dreams and aspirations. It rather gives you wings to become anything you want.

Make Mistakes And Learn From Them

We have seen our teachers make mistakes multiple times. While discussing concepts, explaining them to us or while taking a class test. It has happened with all of us. We need to remember how teachers are not some supreme beings, who are always right. They make mistakes and they accept their mistakes.

Rather than teaching wrong things, the teachers focus on learning from their mistakes, something that students of all ages must focus on doing.

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Accept That We Can't Control Everything

In times of dire need, we try to control the things that are around us. We try to make things better just by making some moves so that we and the people we are close to are benefited.

Good teachers, will remind you time and again, that there is no good that comes out of trying to control situations or the people. Each one must continue to do the things that we are supposed to do.

United We Win

Teachers are the best example to show how unity works. Whenever there is a situation concerning the students or the syllabus, you would see all the teachers coming together, putting all their private and personal problems aside. Teachers have always spoken and taught us that teamwork wins over every crisis.

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Hard Work Is The Key To Success

We have heard this time and again, and we will continue to hear it. But we might never actually practice it until we grow up to be adults and remember the lessons that our teachers tried teaching us. Hard work in any area will always help you reach success. All one has to do is, is believe in themselves, keep all excuses aside and work really hard.

Respect Is The Most Important

We as Indians, have always been taught that we must respect our elders. Many might find this notion very traditional and archaic. So here is something that the teachers have showed us practically, 'You show respect, and you receive respect'.

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