Best Programming Languages To Learn In 2021 For Getting A Job

Programming languages are continually evolving in today's technology-driven world, and if you are new to this, there are numerous choices to pick from, making it difficult to choose where to begin. Which programming language is best to learn? Is learning a programming language is easier?

Best Programming Languages To Learn In 2021

Here is the list of some best programming languages to learn that will guide you through everything you need to know for building a successful career in the world of programming and getting the best job.

What is Programming Language?

The Programming language is a computer language that contains a set of guidelines that produce different sorts of outputs. It is utilised in computer programming to execute algorithms. Various programming languages built and a lot more created each year yet only some of them implemented in the market or used by developers.

For example, if one needs to do well with technologies like Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning, then they can choose Python, or if one wants to go into competitive programming, they can choose C++.

Top Programming Languages


Python is a general-purpose programming language and because of its simple syntax and wide range of applications, it is one of the most recommended programming languages for beginners. It can be used for Backend Web Development, Scientific Computing, Data Analysis, and Artificial Intelligence.

The various application of the Python language offers remarkable features like Supportive Libraries, Presence of Third Party Modules, Productivity and Speed, Open Source and Community Development, availability of Learning ease and support, User-friendly data structures, etc. Some platforms that use Python are YouTube, Quora, Instagram, and Pinterest.


Even though most modern developers have switched to C++ but the original C language is still used today. C is a procedural programming language to write an operating system and is known for being versatile. It is used to make all sorts of applications and to develop certain major platforms like Microsoft Windows, Linux, etc.

C/C++ allows learners to understand several underlying mechanisms on the ground level.

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JAVA is a class-based and object-oriented programming language. It is one of the most demanding programming languages in the tech world. The principle of 'Write Once Run Anywhere' of the language makes it more recommended by the developers.

JAVA is more popular because - easy to learn, secured data, code robust, applets give flexibility, portability in a network, object-oriented, platform-independent.

The three main platforms of JAVA are Java SE (Standard Edition), Java EE (Enterprise Edition), Java ME (Micro Edition). It is used by several renowned platforms like Google, Amazon, Twitter, etc.

One can build a successful career with JAVA as Back-end Developer, Big Data Developer, Android Developer, Embedded Devises Developer, etc.


JavaScript is a high-level, interpreted scripting language that can be used in a wide range of applications. It is used in many non-browser environments and is compatible with several other languages, and is easier to understand.

There various career options like Front-End Web Developer, Web Application Developer, JavaScript Developer, UX/UI Designer, Full Stack Developer, DevOps Engineer, etc. Numerous IT giants like Google, Gmail, Facebook, etc. depend on JavaScript.


Kotlin is the primary language for Android Development. Kotlin is referred to as the first choice for Android App development by Google. It is totally interoperable with Java, making it a direct replacement. The language offers features like statically-typed, concise, and secure.

Kotlin, even though being relatively newer, is quite popular in the job market. Many companies like Basecamp, Pinterest, etc. are utilising the language for their platforms.

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