Law School Admission Test Exam

Law School Admission Test Syllabus

LSAT syllabus is basically designed to test reasoning and reading skills of the candidate.The syllabus includes subject matters that involve critical/ analytical/logical skills over the years of educational lifetime. General awareness or Mathematical aptitude sections are not included in the LSAT. 

LSAT India syllabus consists of three major heads which comprise of Analytical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension. The LSAT syllabus comprises of questions based on critical thinking and legal skills. Candidates writing this exam are advised to refer various law books available in the market or law material provided by the coaching centers. These days, candidates can even go through online reference material available over the internet.

Analytical Reasoning

In this section, candidates are given questions based on the structure of relationships where they are required to draw the logical conclusions about that relationship. The relationships can be based on things, persons or events. Candidates have to choose the right statement from the given four or five statements commenting on the structure of the relationship. The test requires a law student to attempt legal solving problems in the section.

Logical Reasoning

Candidates are required to critically evaluate, analyze and complete arguments which are given in general language. The section tests the logic of a student. They have to read and comprehend the given passage and answer the questions based on it. The section assesses wide range different attributes of the test taker including thinking critically and skills that are required for legal reasoning.

Reading Comprehension

As the name suggests, the section tests the reading skills of a student. It assesses the understanding ability of the aspirant. The section consists of four sets of questions based on reading. Each section offers candidates for selecting and attempting the question put before them as per their preference. The reading material is followed by questions that check the reading as well as reasoning ability of the candidate.

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