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India as a nation gives lot of importance to the education of their children. Most families don't compromise on educating their children. Improvement in India's education system is considered as one of the main factors to the economic rise of India.

According to Census 2011 of India, there are 315 million Indian students.

Precisely, India is known to have around 1.5 million / 15 lakh schools, 4,000 business schools, 5,672 engineering colleges, 1,500 law colleges, and 381 medical colleges. Not to forget the 200,000 students who go abroad every year to various colleges. That is a lot to choose from & it gets confusing! That's where Careerindia.com comes in.

Careerindia.com, an educational hub, easily available and accessible to all types of learners across India and beyond, is an online portal for career and education. It possesses a strong emotional stance towards the educational sphere of the society, predominantly in India.

India's higher education system is the third largest in the world, only after USA and China. We at Careerindia.com are committed to give quality information regarding education in India and abroad which helps students of all sections, and gives an opportunity to improve their quality of education and career growth.

The main sections of Careerindia.com are mentioned below:

  • News: Highlights important developments in education that is of interest to students in India.
  • Study Abroad: With an increase in interest of students from India to go abroad this section gives you a comprehensive help on overseas study plans, details on student visa, university admissions into USA, UK, Australia & more.
  • College Finder: A tool to find your perfect course to study, based on your interest.
  • Student Resources: Provides you with old question papers, answer keys of prominent exams conducted in India, exam time-tables etc
  • Value Read: Articles containing helpful tips on various topics related to the field of pedagogy for teachers, parents, students and other education enthusiasts
  • Educarewiz: Indicates your prospective path ahead for higher education(studies) and career, with respect to your current qualification.
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