Maharashtra Class 12 Supplementary Exam TImetable

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The Maharashtra HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate) exam for the repeaters has commenced from September 29th, 2015. The examination is conducted by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education.

The issued notification stated that the technical and vocational subjects examination will be held from September 29th 2015 to October 21st 2015. 

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The below table shows the detailed schedule of Examination for class 12 repeaters :


29th September 2015

Marathi (02)
Gujarati (03) 
Kannada (06)
Sindhi (07)
Malayalam (08)
Tamil (09)
Telugu (10)
Punjabi (11)
Bengali (12)
Urdu (05)
French (13) 
Pali (35)

30th September 2015

General Knowledge, Russian, Japanese, Sanskrit, Arabic

1st October 2015


 History Art and Appreciation

3rd October, 2015

 Secretarial Practice (C) (52)  History (A) (38) 
 Physics Paper - I (S) (54)

5th October 2015

 Organisation of Commerce &
Management (C) (51)
German (14)
Ardhamagadhi (16)
Persian (37
Avesta - Pahalavi (87) 

 6th October 2015

Economics (A/S/C) (49)

  7th October 2015

 Book Keeping & Accountancy (A/C) (50)  Political Science (A) (42) 
  8th October 2015
Mathematics Logic

9th October 2015 

10th October 2015 Co-operation

Child Development

Occupational Orientation

Library and Information Science

14th October 2015 Geography Marthi Literature
15th October 2015
 Geology Paper - I (S) (41) Hindi Applied

 Agriculture Science and Technology

Animal Science and Technology Percussion
 History & Development of
Indian Music (A) (65)

History and Development of Indian Music  

16th October 2015

17th October 2015 Education English Literature

19th October 2015

Defense Studies  Philosophy
20th October 2015

Information Technology

Vocational Bifocal Courses

Electrical Maintenance

Mechanical Maintenance

Scooter and Motor Cycle Serving


Computer Science

Commerce Group Paper 1

Fishery Group Paper 1

Agriculture Group Paper 1

Information Technology Online Exam
21st October 2015 Vocational Bifocal Courses -2

Electrical Maintenance - 2

Mechanical Maintenance - 2

Scooter and Motor Cycle Serving -2

Electronics - 2

Computer Science - 2

Commerce Group Paper 2

Fishery Group Paper 2

Agriculture Group Paper 2

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