Why Is 'EDUCATION' An Important Factor For 'Women'

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Why Is 'EDUCATION' A Must For 'Women'

Why do you think Education is important for a 'Women'? Is it a trend or a Traditional Rule? /Here is a short study which tells us the answer for WHY? Education for Women is needed.

Just think! If a women with low literacy suffer disproportionately more than men, encountering more difficulties in finding a well-paying job and then being twice as likely to end up in the group of lowest wage earners, says a study. An analysis by the Institute for Women's Policy Research, or IWPR found women at all levels of literacy tended to earn than men, but the wage gap between genders was the most striking at the lowest literacy levels. Low literacy was defined in the study as basic or below-basic level of skill.

According to the records women with low literacy were twice as likely as men at the same skill level to be among the lowest earners, bringing in $300 a week or less. One of the senior research associate along with the co-author of this study says 'Because women start off so low in terms of wages, having higher literacy and more skills really makes a big difference'.

Hence women need to go still further in their training and education levels to earn the same as men. It is often assumed that schooling for women will automatically bring about their political advancement. However, there is evidence that schooling on its own does not enhance women's political voice. The radical agenda of education for empowerment, however, presents a contrast to the conventional conception of adult education and training. It encourages participants to work collectively, and develop strategies for use in areas of political and societal transformation.

Well, its true that women are the most leading in all terms of professionalism almost in all type of fields. So what are your views? Why Women need Education? What are the importance? What are its advantages and disadvantages? Post your views and comments regarding this.

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