Schools Asking Donation Amounts Shall Be Penalized

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Schools Seeking Donation To Be Penalized

Under the Children's Right to Free and compulsory Education Act (RTE), the state government has decided to charge such schools a penalty of 10 times the amount they seek for. Parents depredated by the ever-increasing donation amounts quoted by school officials or touts to ensure their wards admission can now sigh some relief.

According to the latest government resolution dated April 21, if any school is caught asking for donation, it will have to appear before the disciplinary committee and will be penalized. “For children aged between 6-14, collecting capitation fees and donation, conducting interviews and other such things are serious offenses under the RTE. Now that the SC has asked the government to implement the act's provisions from this year, we are coming out with the rules”, said a senior education official.

Parents can lodge complaints with any of the education authorities like education inspector, deputy director of education, those in rural areas can complain to the ward officers. Action will be taken if the complaint is found to be genuine, said the official.

It is also true that Parents lodging a complaint against a school are often unable to produce any proof that they were asked for donation. Schools rarely give a receipt, often such transactions are conducted verbally. This makes it difficult to determine whether the complaint is genuine.

The Education Inspector, South Zone BD.Puri said; “Most schools get away with it because there is lack of concrete evidence, such as receipts”. Another issue, according to experts is that the new provisions apply only to Class 1 to 8 and not to pre-primary schools where the problem is more rampant. “Pre-primary education does not come under our purview, so we cant take action”, he added.

What do you think? What are the other ways to come out of 'Donation' Seeking world? Is there any other way to show that the complaint is genuine?

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